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Pass this smog test or pay only $5

More than a year ago, Moe El Farra and Josue Gonzalez opened Smog Bros., a test-only smog facility in Fallbrook. Their goal was to provide Fallbrook with a trusted business where they could have their vehicles tested.

El Farra and Gonzalez provide a unique offer. If a vehicle does not pass the smog test, there is only a $5 fee.

“If you fail, all you pay is an ETF of only $5,” explained El Farra. “This is ideal, because at other places, you have to pay the full amount for the smog test if the car fails and that can cost $50 or more.” El Farra and Gonzalez thought it was only fair to make this offer to their clients.

Mandatory smog testing can be required for various reasons, explained El Farra. A vehicle may need one for a DMV renewal, change of ownership or out-of-state registration.

The new equipment at Smog Bros. makes it possible to test all vehicles, including European models, exotic cars and RVs. “Any vehicle that needs a smog test, we can do,” El Farra said.

It was Gonzalez who thought about opening a smog-test-only facility. “When [Gonzalez] told me about it, I thought it was a great idea,” said El Farra.

El Farra felt comfortable going into business with Gonzalez, since he had an impressive auto mechanical background.

“After UTI, I went to the Mercedes Elite Program and worked in their dealership,” explained Gonzalez.

El Farra and Gonzalez keep up on the ever-changing technology and regulations pertaining to their industry. “There is always something new coming out,” said El Farra. “We have a new test that we are doing called EVAP; it tests the fuel tank to make sure it’s not leaking any vapors.”

This test, explained El Farra, is done on vehicles built in 1995 and before. New vehicles have a built-in system that tests the EVAP. These tests are designed to provide a healthier air quality.

Before getting your vehicle smog tested, Gonzalez recommends that it be warmed up by driving it for 20 to 30 minutes prior to testing. Regular maintenance of a vehicle is also key, he said. “Do your regular scheduled tune-ups,” he stressed.

These business owners are Fallbrook natives who attended Fallbrook High School together. “We were born and raised here,” they said. Although they knew each other back in their high school days, they say they became friends after graduation.

Being a part of the community and providing excellent and friendly service is paramount for El Farra and Gonzalez. “We like the people that you get to meet in this business and we are close to home,” said Gonzalez.

Smog Bros. offers discounts to the military and is bilingual Spanish. Both walk-ins and scheduled appointments are welcome.

Looking ahead, Smog Bros. is organizing a way to donate monies to the Fallbrook Pop Warner Cheer program. “We were thinking that for every car that passes its smog test, we will donate $5 to Fallbrook Pop Warner Cheer,” said El Farra. “It will help the kids out and they really need our support.”

Smog Bros. is located at 143 Ammunition Road. They can be reached at (760) 731-7558.

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