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Possible quarry is a health threat

I am a resident of Temecula since moving here in 1986. I found this area to be sparsely populated, quiet and with good air quality, a far cry from Los Angeles.

Of course, Temecula has grown to have a much larger population and greater economic development, but the air quality hasn’t depreciated within the surrounding valley area.

We are also privileged to a breeze most every day from the south eastern region of the valley.

I have major respiratory problems as a result of Legionnaires disease and pneumonia damage to my lungs. I need to have the cleanest air possible to maintain what health I have at present and cannot be compromised without serious risk and threat to my health.

Now, we are facing a possible quarry being established from the area that just so happens to be that source of fresh air that allows a better atmosphere to live in. Quarries are quarries and known to be a source of dust, traffic from trucks hauling rocks, gravel and sand.

There is also to be a significant increase with trucks on our roads and freeways. We do not need that added burden and risk added to the existing flow of traffic at present.

This quarry represents dust and dirt, blasting noise pollution and a health threat regarding my poor respiratory condition.

Please consider this threat to my health and welfare and oppose this project of opening a rock quarry here. Respect our environment and deny this proposal and site.

John Williams



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