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While we slept, Congress looted our Social Security

High Social Security payroll taxes have contributed to yearly Social Security Trust Fund surpluses until the proclaimed surplus is now in excess of $2,420 billion ($2.42 trillion).

However, Congress has elected to sacrifice Social Security on the altar of corruption by spending the entire surplus requiring the US Treasury to cover the embezzlement by issuing nonnegotiable IOU bonds to the Trust Fund.

Such economically irresponsible and morally reprehensible behavior by the politicians demonstrates total disrespect for the working people.

Congress must now determine how to legally fund the IOU bonds when they mature. The choices are increase taxes, sell legitimate T-bonds or monetize the debt. It is doubtful China will buy additional T-bonds, so Congress will select the easy way out and ask the Federal Reserve to create money out of thin air.

After a long string of yearly Social Security program surpluses, the program will soon start showing a deficit, thus our gold hoard in Fort Knox should be distributed to future Social Security recipients.

Congress will scream out a refusal claiming that it will doom Social Security. What really frightens them is that we will gain control of both our Social Security program and the gold in Fort Knox. Then let the politicians destroy the dollar!

In the future when the Social Security eagle takes off on its monthly mission, what would you rather receive in your hand, a gold coin, a worthless Federal Reserve note or an IOU? The choice is yours.


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