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Moonalice brings old-fashioned Rock-n-Roll to Temecula

Rock-n-Roll lovers will soon be able to jam out with the smooth sounds of Moonalice at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.

The band, which formed in May 2007, based itself off a Native American tribe with the same name that dates back to the beginning of time. Last year, Moonalice performed a staggering 110 shows, and presented 103 concerts in 2008.

According to Moonalice legend found on the band’s Web site, “the tribe descends from Piltdown Woman, or possibly from a couple of naked, snake-charmed gardeners who liked to hang around with friendly dinosaurs.”

The band is comprised of a “nomads” – Jésus H. Moonalice (Barry Sless), Sir Sinjin Moonalice (Pete Sears), Blue Moonalice (Ann McNamee), White Cloud Moonalice (John Molo), Chubby Wombat Moonalice (Roger McNamee) and Yggdrassil Moonalice (Jack Casady) – who have come together “to revive the tribe, its music and its legend.”

While the band’s members have only been playing together for a relatively short time, audience members may recognize them from their previous musical connections, says Old Town Temecula Community Theater spokesperson Bea Barnett.

“Some of the band members have played with the Saturday Night Live Band, Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh, David Nelson Band Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Flying Other Brothers, Bonnie Raitt and Boz Scaggs,” she said. “These are world class musicians who have played with the best artists.”

The band puts its heart and soul into their music, but they are also hard working members of the workforce during the day.

“Rodger McNamee [who fronts the band as Chubby Wombat Moonalice] is an investment banker by day, rock star by night,” stated Barnett.

Every show Moonalice has is represented by its own unique poster, and has been preserved in The Moonalice Legend, vol. 1, which was released November 2008. All posters can be seen on the band’s Web site: by show at or as a slide show at

Moonalice’s music is just as creative as the American roots from which the band draws its inspiration.

“The band’s music will draw people who enjoy rock roots, groove, and the 70’s San Francisco rock vibe,” said Barnett, who said the band’s music is reminiscent of the Grateful Dead.

One of Moonalice’s singles, “It’s 4:20 Somewhere,” was released on Nov. 13, 2009, and has since then been downloaded 160,000 times as of Feb. 22.

Just because Moonalice draws its inspiration from classic rock and Native American tribes doesn’t mean Moonalice isn’t using cutting edge technology. The band invented the “Twittercast,” a concert on Twitter and the “Facecast” on Facebook. In both cases, Moonalice provides links to the music from live shows. Since April, 2009, the band has had 68 Twittercasts.

For music lovers not yet familiar with Moonalice, a trip to their Web site may garner them a few new favorite tracks to be added to their library.

“Moonalice is known for giving away a lot of their music to their fans,” said Barnett, who said listeners can visit their Web site to download music.

Moonalice will be performing at:

The Old Town Temecula Community Theater

42051 Main Street

Temecula, Calif. 92590

Ticket price: $20

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