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Henderson offers new treatment 'Reversing Diabetes' - Free initial consultations offered in April to diabetics looking for positive results

BONSALL – “Dr. Greg” Henderson, a well-known chiropractic-naturopathic physician in the greater Fallbrook area for 31 years has not only moved to a new location in Bonsall’s River Village, but he has added a new treatment modality to his practice: Reversing Diabetes. “Dr. Greg” has been recognized as top in his field and has health care instructional videos in four languages that have been distributed worldwide to over five million health care practitioners.

Henderson served on a professional advisory board for several years with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, considered the “Father of Functional Medicine,” developing products and protocols to provide consistent predictable results in prevention and relief of disease. Over the past 14 years Henderson has been involved with functional medicine, with his most recent post-graduate studies in functional endocrinology, focusing on Type II Diabetes and hypothyroidism. The results seen with Type II Diabetes and hypothyroid patients are just short of magical. “Most of the patients get off all their medications, including insulin,” said Henderson.

“For too long, our society has settled for pain relief and symptom-masking as the apparent solution to health concerns without addressing the body’s underlying dysfunction,” explained Henderson. “This emphasis on symptomatic relief has led to epidemic incidence of chronic, degenerative diseases, like Type II Diabetes and hypothyroidism.”

“Our new treatment protocol is a uniquely designed program for each patient with extensive testing to locate each patient’s dysfunction. Finding the cause of their dysfunction is probably the most important part of the treatment process no two patients are the same. That’s why many Type II Diabetic patients and thyroid patients can be so challenging for their doctors.” Henderson said pain and other symptoms are important clues to underlying dysfunction.

“As we identify each imbalance and treat it, the causes of symptoms seen with chronic, degenerative diseases like Type II Diabetes and hypothyroidism are corrected and the noxious symptoms patients have had to merely “manage” in the past are eliminated.

Henderson said the successful results with the new method “are far beyond anyone’s expectations.”

Henderson said he will give free initial consultations in the month of April to patients who are experiencing ‘out of control’ diabetic symptoms or are concerned about the negative spiral of more medication without significant improvement in their health.

Henderson’s office is located at 5256 South Mission Road, Suite #406, Bonsall, next to the Ultra Star Galaxy Six Theaters. Call (760) 509-1300 for more information.


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