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Wisdom from the Proverbs - Life Coach

“A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.”

-Proverbs 17:22

In this proverb we see that it is talking about the person on the inside, not just the outward appearance. So easily we can put on a smile and act happy, but that is not the same as a merry heart.

The merry heart or broken spirit is what is truly on the inside of a person. When we have a merry heart, it does good like medicine and conversely a broken heart or spirit dries the bones, or in other words, removes the moisture that keeps our structure sound.

I have a friend who seemingly always has a merry heart even when circumstances are not good around her. She often speaks a word or two to others who are upset and can defuse a situation. She does not pretend when things are bad that they are not. She can truly give comfort when a person is in real distress. On the other hand she does not wallow in a situation making it more than it is. Her perspective on life really keeps things in place and she can help others do the same. I really value that trait in her.

How did my friend become like that and how can we be more like that? One key is to understand what is upsetting us and see it in perspective of all of life. We can so easily see this applied to others, but not so easily see it when we are peeved about something.

Perhaps we should look at ourselves as we look at others. That would be a sure way to bring a quick change to our attitudes.

Action: Seek to develop and keep and merry heart.


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