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Bodies tell the story of the mind and emotions

Craig Lozzi, Transcendent Touch

Special to the Village News

In the early 1970s, I was excited to study the human body and healing techniques that explored the relationship between the emotions and the body. I was particularly motivated because I had direct experience of releasing "old" emotions under the skilled guidance of my practitioner at that time. Gradually, my massage evolved into a more general practice, having broader appeal and access to a larger market.

Interestingly enough, I am finding my roots re-emerging rather organically in my massage practice. In recent months, more and more people are finding release of deep emotional issues in a massage session, as we discover places in the body where these memories have been stored as pain or tension. Often it comes spontaneously and as a surprise, without any pre-meditated intention.

Sometimes a person comes in already aware that emotional healing is needed, and in a safe, confidential environment lets the tears, words, and memories flow out without censure or editing. This is truly healing on a deep level. I know, from my own personal experience, the body will change as the emotional pain is released.

I am not licensed as a psychotherapist, nor do I intend to take the place of one. I do know, however, professionally as both a massage therapist and a licensed prayer practitioner, that our bodies tell the story of our mind and emotions.

By exploring and understanding some of the underlying and often undetected thought patterns that form deeply held beliefs, we can see how we come to adopt certain attitudes and feelings about ourselves and about life. The body is the last link in the chain and corresponds to the feelings we habituate. Someone who is self-aware, predominately positive, and accepting of the ups and downs of life is much more likely to embody those attitudes and feelings in a body that is also well-adjusted and healthy. Someone mired in deep emotional pain and underlying negative thought attitudes will embody these influences in a body subject to more stress, symptomology, and pain.

Really, when examined in this light, it is just common sense. Look around and see if you do not find evidence of a happy, well-adjusted person having overall good health. Conversely, see if you know a person struggling with a plethora of mental and emotional challenges who exhibits a body undergoing a variety of struggles as well. Mind, emotion, and body are one.

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