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Unsafe and unreasonable restrictions to highway access

Our community can only be accessed/exited using Monserate Hill Road.

The plan to improve SR76 includes limiting our access to only westbound lanes on SR76 from Monserate Hill Road. Driving east towards Highway 15 requires a u-turn at Gird Road. We were told the old 76 highway will be removed (and not replaced) between Gird Road and Star Track.

Monserate Hill Road is the only exit out of our community. We were evacuated when fire came east down the riverbed at Gird. To require our community to drive west, potentially into a fire, is a problem.

Removing old 76 causes no direct access available to our community for emergency vehicles. From Gird they would go east on SR76, make a u-turn, and return heading west to exit on Monserate Hill Road, delaying emergency services.

Ambulance, Sheriff and fire trucks use Gird road. Now that Fallbrook Hospital is closed, transport on Highway 15 is necessary to reach a hospital. The delay could be life threatening.

Star Track/Sage roads will have access to SR76 going both east and west. Our community has 43 parcels and 18 homes. Monserate Hill Road services a larger population and has more parcels that will ultimately become even more residences.

We must have full access/exit on SR76.

One alternative would be to retain a one-way road between Gird and Star Track for eastbound traffic. That would save the cost of tearing up an existing road, and could save lives.

Lori and Woody Carter


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