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The staff of RS Growers Supply includes, from left, Alicia Lovell, Donovan Lovell, Robin and Roy Siemens of RS Growers Supply Inc. in Fallbrook.

FALLBROOK – "An empty pot needs to be filled," may be an old saying, but Roy and Robin Siemens take it seriously with their RS Growers Supply business in Fallbrook, a fast growing nursery and garden supply distribution center.

The Siemens started RS Growers Supply 20 years ago, about the same year they got married. They moved to Fallbrook from Orange County in 2000 and began servicing professional growers on the West Coast.

"Our idea was to originally just market plastic pots, but over time we began to realize every grower that buys a pot from us buys fertilizer for the plant in that pot," Roy Siemens said. "So the RS Growers Supply family kept on growing and one day came up with the idea. 'If we sell pots and the fertilizer, why not the soil that fills those pots?'"

With that in mind, they looked for the best water soluble fertilizer line on the West Coast and found it in Half Moon Bay. The company, Romeo Packing, is a family-run company that prides itself on two levels: service and quality.

"They are a 60-year-old company, well-known in California," Roy Siemens said. "We feel very blessed to represent their line to our grower clients. And so, a second company was born – Tri Prime Solutions which also is under the same roof in Fallbrook as RS Growers Supply."

It specializes in providing both the traditional grower and the hydroponic grower with the best quality coco coir soil available in the market. Tri-Prime Solutions is a partnership between the Siemens family, and Plant Best out of Canada and Van Der Knaap out of Holland. Each partner brings different strengths to the table.

Roy Siemens has sold horticulture products for over 35 years, and Robin Siemens came from a banking and retail background with Nordstroms. She helped guide the family's new endeavor with a desire that they would be the best at servicing clients promptly and courteously.

Daughter Alicia joined forces with them after finishing her business degree in 2005 and is now heavily involved in sales with the company.

Rounding out things as a family business, Alicia's husband Donovan, joined the team four years ago bringing support for the company's information technology and distribution needs with his degree in economics.

"The RS team is also blessed to have Diane Hagen do our bookwork and logistics, and Dave Jr. Phillips handling deliveries and assisting in sales," Roy Siemens said.

Robin Siemens said, "We have a lean tight group that all wear many hats to get the job done."

RS Growers Supply has three main products they market – plastic nursery pots of all sizes and shapes, Romeo water soluble fertilizers and also coco coir soils. All three lines are well stocked at their warehouse-office location at 561 Industrial Way in Fallbrook.

RS Growers Supply and Tri-Prime Solutions serve clients that have small greenhouse operations to the largest nurseries on the West Coast. They carry pots for tree and shrub growers as well as the smaller greenhouse pots used by color, foliage and succulent growers. And they offer a nice line of decorative containers for patio ready markets.

Roy Siemens said, "We offer several coir options. You can buy it by the 40-inch sea container from us directly from India if you have a sizable soil appetite or pick up a pallet or two from our warehouse for the smaller grower. It comes in both blocked coir pallets – which are most economical or in 1.5 cubic yard soil tote bags or just recently in our newest packaging 3.8 cubic foot bales of coir from coconuts. We supply some of the largest growers on the West Coast with coir and also some of the biggest soil companies that use coco coir in their mixes. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product. We have very specific quality control guidelines to keep our soil consistent and at low salt levels."

Roy and Robin Siemens said they make sure their "pots are filled" with the best fertilizers on the market today at RS Growers Supply, 561 Industrial Way in Fallbrook. For more information, call (760) 451-1941 or email [email protected]

RS Growers Supply Inc. owner Roy Siemens sorts through plastic pots at their Fallbrook warehouse.


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