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This letter is in regard to the Fallbrook High School sports headlines that appeared in the Oct. 3 issue of this paper after a recent girls’ tennis match and varsity football game. As a fan of youth sports and a proud grandparent of teenage athletes, I was disappointed to read “Lady Warriors Routed by Lady Sundevils” and “Warriors Still Winless after Serra Runs Wild.”

The words journalists choose to inform the public have impact. The “right” words can inspire, and success should not be measured by wins and losses.

Knowing how many hours the majority of these young athletes practice each week, how hard they work, and how dedicated they are to their team and sport, shouldn’t the words used to recount their team’s standings offer more encouragement?

How about “Lady Warriors Battle Lady Sundevils” or “Warriors’ Defense Faces Tough Serra Offense?” As well, let’s put our pride of community and our young athletes on display by writing sports coverage articles that open with highlights of our own team and individual achievements rather than the opponent’s.

Finally, an undefeated “frosh” team deserves more than a sentence. Mental attitude can spur us on or defeat us – let’s be a positive voice for these young athletes.

Suzanne Pearne


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