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Saving America


Last updated 7/17/2020 at 12:42am

In late October 1962, my classmates and I were in route to our high school water polo match. Our coach, an Ivy League graduate, of Irish descent, and a proud and staunch Kennedy supporter, stood at the front of the bus stone-faced and teary-eyed.

Seemingly he was agonizing over recent world events unfolding with the Soviet's looming Cuban Missile Crisis. Convinced that the standoff between the Soviets and the United States would result in a nuclear holocaust, he declared the world was coming to an end.

Well, fortunately for us, that did not occur. Like most students, back then, I was apolitical, and the global threats seemed far removed from our studies, our families, and the magical times of high school. Admittedly I was moved by the Democratic President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and his vision for America. To this day, I remember his quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

I also remember his address challenging our ingenuity and our resolution to be the first nation to put a man on the moon. Coined NASA's Apollo program, our race in space captured the imagination of the entire country.

I suppose I would have eagerly voted for Kennedy for President. But then I was only 14, wet behind the ears, especially when I was in the pool, and hopelessly distracted by the young ladies at our school.

President Kennedy, like President Johnson, were both devout capitalists and fervent anti-communists. Both Democratic Presidents tried to contain the spread of communism, Kennedy in the Western Hemisphere and Johnson in Southeast Asia. Both men were so determined to counter communist expansionism that they committed our military to eliminate and diminish the communist's influence around the world.

But that was a vastly different Democratic Party back then. Now its current leaders no longer represent the ideals once held by Kennedy or Johnson. Today's Democratic party leaders like Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, AOC, and others enthusiastically embrace the tenets of communism. I guess we now know why the Democratic Party leaders refuse to criticize the Chinese Communist leaders for engineering, releasing, lying and denying any liability for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Still, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and others openly criticize our nation's heritage, while their surrogates, like BLM and ANTIFA, tear down the luminaries and icons of our country's past. Our children are taught in the Democratically controlled public schools to hate our heritage, to hate their country, their parents and, if not a student of color, to hate themselves.

The new Democratic Party platforms include ending capitalism, defunding and dismantling police departments and ending the use of fossil fuels. In the name of "Social Justice," they encourage the ensuing carnage perpetrated by their law-breaking mobs. They openly celebrate the burning and pillaging of private property and the destruction and defacing of monuments that honor our national heritage.

With police officers shackled by Democratic politicians, these social justice thugs go unchallenged and escape any legal consequences for their criminal acts.

So, we have but one choice to make in the next election. If Biden wins the election, the new Democratic party will erase our history and transform our culture. Americans of all ethnic backgrounds will be subject to social justice edicts, such as reparations.

The new Democratic party with Biden as President will encourage and support the continuation of anarchy in our streets. They have promised once in power to defund and, in some cases, dismantle our police departments. And if Bernie Sanders and AOC get their way with the Biden Administration, they will end capitalism, which will devastate our economy and our standard of living.

Overnight the new Democratic Party will transform America into a socialistic country while we watch without redress. Finally, the Biden administration's policies will destroy the "American Dream" and eliminate all remaining remnants of our national heritage.

Therefore, for the survival of our Republic, the only way forward for reasoned-thinking Americans of all political persuasions is to re-elect President Trump in November and to cast your votes for Republicans, making them the majorities in both the House and Senate. As American originalists, Republicans have the moral authority to reject the Democrat's assault on our freedoms and liberties.

As the true guardians of the Republic and the custodians of our Democracy, Republicans have an ethical imperative to protect our heritage, preserve our free markets and defend our petroleum driven economy to safeguard our way of life.

Once in power, Republicans will uphold the principals as executed in our founding documents, and they will restore law and order in our cities. By re-electing President Trump and giving Republicans the majorities in the House and the Senate, we will save America from being transformed into a socialistic nation as promised by Joe Biden and the new Democratic Party.

Dave Maynard


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