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Will it be socialism or freedom?


Last updated 7/23/2020 at 9:01am

I believe the election this November will be really close and the result will define our nation for generations. The choice is really between socialism and freedom.

If you are thinking of voting against Trump because you don’t like his tweets, or how he talks or some other personality trait, you need to rethink things.

The alternative to Trump – Joe Biden – will set us back decades. He was Obama’s VP for eight years and not once did he advocate a pro-American or pro-jobs policy.

He supported trade bills that outsourced jobs out of America and supported a foreign policy that strengthen radical Islamic regimes and China at the expense of America. He supported all of Obama's tax and regulatory policies which threw America into a recession almost the entire time they were in office.

If Biden wins, we will return to a sluggish economy, a weak military, anti-American trade deals and a boost to a culture that celebrates lawlessness, hates the police and gives “victim” groups power to destroy other groups. Moreover, Biden won’t really be running the country.  The far left will be because Biden will be indebted to them for his victory and, as everyone knows, he no longer has the energy or mental ability to serve as president.

Dark forces on the far left will take advantage of the ghost president and move the country so far left it will never recover.

As I have written for various publications, a Trump loss signals the beginning of the end of America in terms of historical greatness. The Dems will rig the Supreme Court and legalize 22 million illegal aliens so that the GOP will never win a presidential election again.

Everyone who reads this post needs to think of one person they know who is undecided or perhaps not even registered and take that person to lunch and explain to him how deadly serious this election is and persuade him to vote for Trump.

Ronald Reagan said it best here:

Steve Baldwin


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