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Re: 'Vaccine mandates, what to do response' [Village News, Letter, 9/30/21]


Last updated 10/8/2021 at 4:24pm

We could not be more divided on an issue than the vaccine mandate. Although we are deeply divided on every single issue nowadays.

First lie. "If you are not vaccinated and contract China Flu (COVID) you will most likely die."

Truth. I've read anywhere from 99.5% to 99.8% of anybody who contracts the China Flu survives! Yes, it is a horrible virus flu, but more people die (75 and older) of other causes than China Flu. Last year we didn't even count regular flu cases; we just counted them as Covid China Flu.

Fact. During the over the top fear mongering period of 2020, millions of people who tested positive for China Flu but died of other causes, motorcycle accident, suicide, dementia, etc., was counted as a COVID death!

Second lie. "Of all those hospitalized currently with COVID, 99.5% are not vaccinated." Huge lie!

Truth. I read anywhere from 77% to 83% of those hospitalized are vaxed. According to WebMD, a huge number of frontline workers have chosen to not get vaxed; 40% of our health care workers say the health risks don't outweigh the benefits of getting the vaccine. Your media is not telling you the truth. One nurse states two-thirds of her patients are fully vaxed!

The Associated Press reports, "Nearly all COVID deaths in the U.S. are now among unvaccinated." ABC reports the same among all the other fake news mainstream reporters.

Truth. Read an article by Jennifer Margulis, Sept 7, (just one of many other reported truths by a reputable news agency). In the U.S., in most states, a person is only considered fully vaxed 14 days after they have had the full series of the vaccine. So if you've only had one dose or have both vaccines, but the second one is less than 14 days you will be counted as "unvaccinated."

Talk about an agenda of lies creating more fear to have control over you! Why?

Israel now has one of the highest infection rates and the majority of people catching the virus (77% to 83%) are already vaccinated. Iceland has one of the most vaxed populations in the world with over 82% vaxed, yet reporting 77% of new cases are fully vaccinated! There is more truth to tell but limited space to provide it here.

There are more lies being debunked everyday from the "slimstream" media, you just have to read/watch other news channels to be informed and not gaslighted. You need to listen to Fox News, Newsmax or read the Epoch Times for another view. If you are tired of being lied to and scared to death to live, then you might want to give them a try while you still can! We were once a free people.

I saw a car window sticker the other day, as I drove around looking at all the scared people wearing face masks in their cars. Sticker said, "Faith over Fear."

So the reality is there’s a 99% chance you will live through this China Flu just fine and the antibodies you acquire are better than some unproven, slightly tested, with no liability to big Pharma, vaccines being rushed through FDA approval and with it being forced upon us against our will like some Communist country!

I ask why do they silence any and all science that doesn't jive with their agenda? Why aren't therapeutics even being discussed that are working? Why aren't they telling you about other drugs that are showing highly positive results? Why, because if they have control over you, they can do whatever they want to you and you will follow their leader or else. We have flu and colds every year, (several from China by the way) so are we now going to fear every sniffle, sneeze, cough or even breathing?

We are headed for Martial law and I don't even fear the Dictators in charge, bring it on!

Shanika Benson


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