Brother, can you spare a dime?


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This appeal was up close and personal many years ago when the depression hit and countless people of all classes were hurt. Recovery was slow and difficult, but it happened. Now we ask ourselves “Brother, can you spare some time?” Can you give a little to make big things happen? That is the question.

Come join a community effort on March 27 to help ready the community for the annual Avocado Festival. Destination Fallbrook on April 27 is our opportunity to put Fallbrook on the path for increased tourism, a goal that has been the aim for many years.

Fallbrook, your home of choice, is an unincorporated community and not a city. We chose to live here to enjoy the rural qualities of this beautiful part of Southern California. There are no city taxes which means we have fewer amenities…just basic transportation needs, a library, law enforcement, and a few other necessities.

These limits mean various organizations pick up the ball to provide the amenities that add to our quality of life. Each works toward their own specific purpose to find ways to provide the help for their objectives. Pooling our resources, Fallbrook’s tremendous volunteers, seems a simple answer to making bigger things happen. The inspiration for this new venture, the Fountain of Giving in Vince Ross Square, at Alvarado Street and Main Avenue epitomizes the giving nature of our community.

Pooling resources worked for a recent venture by the Rotary Club of Fallbrook which answered a request from Fallbrook Arts Inc for a huge painting project at the art center. A call went to other organizations for help. People from two other groups answered the call, and the job was completed on time. This is just the beginning of what could be.

A new website is now online for groups and individuals to sign up to either receive notices as individuals, or organizations to post their coming events that could use more volunteers. That website is at

For years big things have happened in Fallbrook through volunteerism. This can make it more achievable to move mountains. Sign up for March 27 8 a.m., beginning at the big parking lot on Alvarado Street below the library. We will be in the alley behind the Chamber of Commerce office.

Jackie Heyneman


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