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The assault on women's rights in sports today

There seems to be no end to the superfluous attacks on our freedoms as our nation plunges headfirst into this Marxist morass. America is in grave peril, from the pernicious attacks on the First Amendment to the cascading crisis at our southern border, to the nagging stagflation emptying our gas tanks and ravaging our bank accounts. And yet, Democrats are unfazed by the millions of Americans buried beneath the rubble of their authoritarian governance.

Ironically, half of our fellow citizens have been swept up in the maelstrom of deception, too entangled in the dark arts of misdirection to sense the hazards hovering over them. But I will leave these existential threats tormenting our nation for another day. Instead, I will dip my quill pen into the inkwell of words to highlight the cultural aberration assailing women's rights in sports today.

After decades of masquerading as the party that extolled the virtues of women's rights, Democrats have relinquished their "Me Too Mantra" to flirt with their latest political miscalculation, mainstreaming transgenderism. For years, the Democrat Party hierarchy has alleged they are the sole guardians of women's rights. This claim is preposterous, considering their current infatuation and expressed preference for faux females over the rights of biological females in women's sports.

As a former swim coach, I was incensed to learn that Lia Thomas, born William Thomas, competed in the "Women's" NCAA Division 1 swimming finals in 2022. William's transition from male to female has not been without controversy. Nor has it diminished his six-foot-four frame or lung capacity, giving him a distinct advantage over his female competitors. Although Emma Weyant, a freshman at UVA, was favored to win the "Women's" 500 freestyle event, "she" lost her national title bid to, you guessed it, William, aka Lia Thomas.

To all clear-eyed Americans, permitting biological males to compete in women's sports is manifestly unfair and contrary to the intent of Title 9. Arguably, Democrats are the undisputed maestros at fabricating and perpetuating problems, but they lack the will or the skill to solve them. The solution, transgender athletes could and should compete in an arena with their peers instead of depriving biological women of their inherent rights.

The Democrats' betrayal of women's rights should not surprise anyone. After all, we've watched them abandon the middle class to embrace illegal migrants pouring over our southern border. We've stood by quietly as they harassed, vilified, and arrested Christians, Catholics, and pro-lifers to appease the radical elements in their party. And now, Democrats trample on the fundamental rights of our daughters and granddaughters to ingratiate themselves with the LGBTQ+ community. Ladies, perhaps it's time to rethink voting for Democrats?

Acknowledgments: This letter was inspired and written out of my love and admiration for my daughter, seven granddaughters, and all the young ladies I had the privilege to coach at San Dimas Aquatics, Saint Lucy's High School, and San Dimas High School.

Coach Dave Maynard


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