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Trees are one of Fallbrook's most valuable resources

Roger Boddaert

Special to the Village News

What would our little village be without the growing canopy of trees that dot our streets, roadways, woodlands, farms, parks and preserves?

Before the delicious avocado tree made its entrance to Fallbrook, which was once known as the Avocado Capital of the World, the olive trees were introduced in the 30’s to our agricultural community.

The passing years grew multiple tree crops like citrus, cherimoya, macadamia, walnuts, assorted stone fruits and more. We are an agricultural community existing in the middle of an ancient oak forest and that makes Fallbrook a special place on earth to grow families and trees.

In the early 90’s, 750 people from all over Southern California came to Fallbrook and planted 434 native trees on the Los Jilqueros Preserve on South Mission Road by the Fallbrook Land Conservancy.

After that successful tree planting, a group of dedicated Fallbrook folks gathered and decided to plant more trees, both in the heart of downtown and other areas to the benefit of all, and the greening of our town.

Initiated in 1992, the Master Treescape Plan was conceived by a group of local folks to enhance and beautify our village and that began with the “act of planting trees.”

To date, over 2,800 new trees have been planted around Fallbrook and more are to come as a living tree resource to enjoy for generations to come.

Urban forestry has been recognized as a valuable and necessary component of any community’s infrastructure, and today the tree planting movement is all over the country and the world.

Each tree makes an individual contribution, offering a dapple of summer shade, a stunning flower burst in springtime and a spectacular array of colors in fall.

As a silent partner, trees provide the benefits for all to enjoy. They:

· Give the community a sense of pride and joy.

· Increase business by providing a more pleasant place to shop, and stroll.

· Clean the air by absorbing pollution.

· Put oxygen back into the atmosphere and help our health.

· Conserve energy by shading and cooling our homes and place of work.

· Increase property values.

· Reduce the glare of streets and buildings with the shade they provide.

· Accentuate the seasons throughout the year.

· Absorb noise, dust, heat.

· Prevent soil erosion by holding the earth with its root-systems.

· Create habitats for birds, insects, and wildlife.

· Beautify our environment and are a good thing for the human spirit.

Trees have so many more intrinsic values to appreciate and enjoy. As the world climate is in a stage of dynamic change, trees are one of the healing powers that help cool our own planet.

As fall arrives, take a look around and gaze at the tree community you live in. We have a dedicated group of volunteers and tree stewards to thank for continuing to keep Fallbrook green and clean. Their “behind the scenes” daily work to protect, preserve and plant is for your family’s and community’s benefit. Both environmentally and aesthetically, Fallbrook’s abundance of trees make it a better place to live.

If you live in Fallbrook, and enjoy the work of the volunteers that are making this happen for you, your family and the earth, pitch in and contact the Save Our Forests members, at the Fallbrook Land Conservancy.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

May the forests be with you and yours?

Roger Boddaert – The Tree Man of Fallbrook – can be reached at 760-728-4297 for consultations.


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