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New digital storybook helps children to sign in 6 easy steps

GWINNETT COUNTY, Georgia – Introducing Ben and Mia, children's new best friends, making sign language easy and fun for children to learn.

Almost 400,000 children have a hearing disability in the U.S., and they outnumber school interpreters by 41 children to 1 interpreter. Studies show children have a critical period of learning between ages 1 and 5 years where children are ready to acquire new language. This period is riskier for hard of hearing children, as if they don't communicate regularly, they can develop language deprivation.

That's why ProCare Therapy, based in Georgia, one of the country's top sources of school-based therapy, has created the downloadable storybook to help teach young children sign language.

"Ben signs: A new school adventure" aims to increase friendship and connections and teach children an important life skill of sign language.

"We are passionate about providing resources that not only educate but also inspire empathy and understanding in children," said Stephanie Morris, Senior Vice President of ProCare Therapy.

"We believe this book will help children not only connect with their deaf peers but also educate children, parents and educators on the challenges that deaf children can face, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity in classrooms and beyond."

To prevent language deprivation, more than 20 states across the country have passed laws to monitor deaf children's language development, but despite this sign language still isn't taught in schools.

With limited accessibility elsewhere to learn, Ben and Mia can help children learn the basics of sign language easily.

Children can learn the following signs:

1. Hello

2. My name is

3. Alphabet (to spell your name)

4. Please

5. Thank you

6. Goodbye

"Ben signs: A new school adventure" is designed to be shared and can be downloaded for free here:

Submitted by ProCare Therapy.


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