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Which flooring material is best for you?

Whether you’re buying an existing home, building a new one or just considering renovating your current place, understanding different floor types – and the unique pros and cons of each – is important.

A home’s flooring will obviously impact its overall aesthetic, but its durability can influence your costs as well as how you’ll clean and maintain the home.

Are you considering new flooring or a new home? Keep these floor material pros and cons in mind as you do.


Carpeting offers warmth, is good for noise reduction and is generally affordable. But it also needs to be cleaned regularly, can show wear and tear easily and can harbor allergens.


Hardwood flooring is popular due to its durability, plus it’s fairly easy to maintain. It is costly compared to other flooring options, though, and it’s not always the best option if you have pets, since their nails may scratch it or it could cause them to slip around.


The biggest perk of laminate flooring is that it’s affordable, especially compared to hardwood flooring. It’s also durable and easy to install. On the other hand, it’s susceptible to moisture damage, and it can’t be refinished (only replaced).


Vinyl flooring is low-maintenance, durable and affordable. It tends to feel softer than options like wood or tile, too. Like laminate, though, it can’t be refinished, and some vinyl floors may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can impact your health.


Tile floors are long-lasting and water-resistant, and they require little maintenance. On the downside, they can be expensive, they’re often cold and they can be hard on your feet.

The right flooring depends on your lifestyle, budget and goals as a homeowner. Want help finding the right home for your needs? Reach out to Jane Kepley with CR Properties at 760-622-0204 or [email protected].


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