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A plethora of mistruths and lawsuits

We are witnessing a demonic force meddling in our body politics – one intent on extinguishing our Judeo-Christian foundations and our nation's constitutional underpinnings. Light years from its centrist beginnings, the Democrat Party has forsaken its guiding principles once grounded in liberalism – principles now buried in Montesquieu's hallowed grave alongside the scattered remains of his visionary insights.

It's hard to imagine how the fabled Party of Camelot has become so tarnished and far removed from reality that it openly conspires to dismantle America. But the unthinkable is indeed happening.

No longer the defenders of the working class, the Democrat party has devolved into a cadre of Marxist misfits, resolute in their mission to collapse the structural foundations of our legal and cultural institutions as they race toward an untoward destiny with tyranny.

We have become hostages in our own country. Trapped in a topsy-turvy world blanketed by deceit and deception, a tortured reality where Democrat party elitists conspire to crucify their political rivals using a plethora of mistruths and lawsuits. These are the evil undertakings and maniacal incantations of witches and warlocks, not the actions of honorable men and women.

President Trump is facing a flurry of scurrilous lawsuits to divest him of his most prized possessions, to prosecute and incarcerate him, and persuade MAGA supporters to abandon him. If only he would withdraw from the presidential race, he could end all this lawfare nonsense.

But then, Trump is not a tofu-eating, latte-drinking, white-flag-waving beta male, is he? That is one of the many reasons we love the guy and will never stop supporting him.

Who among us could weather the maelstrom of politically driven abuses he faces? And to think a series of misdemeanors can be twisted and conjured into felony prosecutions to impugn an innocent man, silence his voice, and limit our political choices! Shamefully, there are no limits to the Democrats' wickedness and unabashed cruelty when it comes to Trump.

Paradoxically, the legacy media no longer serves as impartial arbiters to safeguard our republic. Instead, they steer the public's attention away from the uncanny nature of the Democrats' convoluted and imprudent ideas, perfectly content to publish false narratives and drive voters into the arms of Democrats with every stroke of their poisonous pens.

This, of course, reeks of journalistic malpractice, with the expressed purpose of persuading political illiterates to vote for Biden and to dissuade the politically astute from voting for Trump.

Final thoughts: As Trump readies himself to secure the border and prepares to restore the economy when he returns to the White House, Democrat fanatics press on with their farcical indictments, confident they will torpedo his presidential ambitions.

But I suspect Americans will ignore the vile political trickery that epitomizes today's Democrat party and will rise by the millions to preserve our founding principles and avert this imminent threat to our democracy by electing…Donald J. Trump!

Dave Maynard


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