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Cooking classes bring international experiences to participants

For couples who are looking for an extended Valentine’s treat, traveling abroad to different countries and sampling different cuisines would be the perfect solution.

However, with people cutting back on traveling, more Fallbrook locals are looking for local alternatives that will still satisfy their international interest.

Trupiano’s Italian Bistro on Main, known for its authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, offers cooking classes the last Monday of every month, is sure to satisfy any couple’s need for flavor and fun.

Each class is the equivalent of a trip to a different country, with a three-course meal and optional wine pairing available to stimulate the senses and leave guests clamoring for seconds.

Examples of previous class favorites include eggplant and walnut phyllo pie on Greek Night, crepes on French Night and, of course, pizza on Italian Night.

“One of the criteria for what we teach is that it must be able to be cooked at home,” said restaurant owner Faro Trupiano. “If the products are not something that you can find in your kitchen, they are items that can easily be found in the grocery store.”

Couples, friends and family members enjoy gathering together for classes to enjoy the food cooked in front of them by chef Philipe Palomares, while Trupiano narrates the demonstrated steps.

The entire restaurant is transformed into a cooking class with a clear view of the makeshift stage upon which Palomares and Trupiano stand.

As Palomares demonstrates how to cook the food, the tantalizing aroma of the sizzling ingredients fills the air, leaving guests murmuring in anticipation.

The cooking demonstration is very thorough, and if anything needs clarification, Trupiano makes a point to answer questions brought forth by guests.

At the most recent cooking class on January 26, guests were treated to German cuisine.

Cabbage rolls, German goulash and apple strudel was the fare and everyone, even those who had made the dishes before, raved about the meal.

“My classes are great for anyone who is willing to learn about food from around the world and wants to try new things,” said Trupiano. “While some people take the cooking classes very seriously, a lot of the guests are just looking for a fun evening out.”

Indeed, everyone attending Trupiano’s classes seems to enjoy themselves with good company and cheers Palomares when a dish is completed.

A “guest” chef was also pulled from the audience to help prepare the strudel, receiving much applause for her hands-on experience.

An incentive for repeat students is the fact that while they are able to try delectable international dishes, they are also given a handy binder with all the safety tips, instructions and recipes needed in order to recreate the meals at home.

And after 11 different classes held over the past year, some repeat students have quite an array of recipes.

February’s cooking class will feature dishes from the Mediterranean Alps, a portion of Europe that is known for its fusion of French, Italian and German foods.

“Even though my next class is past Valentine’s Day, I would recommend that [couples] attend as a late Valentine’s gift to each other,” said Trupiano.

Classes start at 6 p.m. on the last Monday of every month. Advanced booking is available for $35 per person and is recommended, but guests can also sign up the night of the classes for $45.

For more information on Trupiano’s cooking classes, call (760) 728-0200.

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