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Life Coach - Wisdom from the Proverbs

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones,”

-Proverbs 16:24

Wow! Something that is good for our souls and even our bones; pleasant words, who would have thought? People love to talk and love to listen to other people talking, otherwise there would be no “talk shows.” Just watch people in a restaurant, they love to talk.

Not all words, only certain words, pleasant words, are like honeycomb and they are sweetness to the soul and even health to the bones. Have you ever known someone who always has a kind word, an encouraging word, and a positive word for everyone? Such a person is a rare find and easy to want to be with, easy to gravitate towards. In this world of harsh words being spoken on the news, on TV, on the radio, and often all around us, it is like finding a safe harbor to be around such a person, like sliding into home plate, you can rest in that place of safety. There is no criticism, no harshness, just peace and safety.

I know a grandfatherly man who is like that. I love to see him coming because I know it will always be good. I relax in his presence. The pleasant words spoken by him are like a balm of peace flowing around him. What a gift.

Action: Choose to speak pleasant words and give sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

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