Re: 'Hello fellow residents of Fallbrook' [Village News, letter, 8/15/2019]


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I am a little dismayed and confused by the fact that this newspaper has been publishing another resident's very liberal opinion repeatedly, almost weekly for many years now and then I decided to voice my conservative opinion with fact based evidence and I am attacked with repeat complainer airing her issues, disgruntled citizen, vent on her soap box, repeated assaults, etc. Really??

I know we are East from West on most issues but what is wrong with you people.... You liberals? As long as it is what you want to hear then its wonderful news. If someone's opinion is different from yours, then you don't want to hear it! Well, guess what, you are free to not read this section, free to voice your opinion like you did but not free to silence my opinion and voice. Skip over my opinion when you see my name.

Debate is a wonderful tool to get people to thinking and talking about the issues. At least I listen to the liberal side and value their thoughts even if I don't agree. The problem with liberals, they always want to shut down the conservative side. Stop watching fake news, get the facts from another news source and try hearing the other side's view and think for yourself.

That's what makes this country so great.

Diana Miller


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