Re: 'The Freedom to Vote Act' {Village News, Letter, 1/27/22]


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Thank you for telling us your former profession, because it speaks volumes. Thank goodness you are retired, and no longer indoctrinating students with absurd conclusions based on shocking ignorance.

Repeating the battle cry of the DNC “Ensure every vote is counted,” (no matter how many we make up,) means you don’t care how many are illegal ballots. Which means you support voter fraud. Which of course renders your whole letter fraudulent. Or did you think we were all too stupid to catch that?

Number 1, there are no “Jim Crow Laws” any more. However, the Democrat Party of old, came up with them to abuse “People of color,” though they had a different name in those days.

Your ignorance as to what the filibuster rule (in this case) concerns is criminal. Your DNC wants to change the law to say a 51% majority (of 100) will pass all laws. Even Chucky Schumer had an explosive response a few short years ago, because he wanted to keep the filibuster rule as protection, because it served the DNC’s purposes at the time.

There are so many mistakes, misinformation and assumptions in your letter I can’t address them all.

Einstein said “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.” The combination is worse still. Have a nice day comrade.

Joseph Schembri


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