Why the world is imploding


Last updated 4/7/2022 at 4:49pm

Many of us acknowledge that the world and our country, as we used to know it, is imploding. Many of us blame the Biden Administration and their policies for causing this and for reversing so many of Trump's policies that were working.

There are other factors causing mayhem around the world and in our country. One of which is our moral fabric. I invite you to attend a one-time showing of Trevor Loudon's new documentary, "Enemies Within the Church," to see what is happening or not happening to keep our country a Christian nation.

The documentary will be shown Thursday, April 21, at the Mission Theater at 2 p.m. Trevor will grace this event and speak with us about it. He is a well-known political speaker from New Zealand, who has moved to Florida. He believes if we "lose" the United States to this progressive agenda, the world will never recover. Please join us by going to the Mission Theater website and purchasing tickets.

The other reason our country is in the state it is in is complete disregard for our Constitution. Our elected officials have "stomped” on it; our judicial system has run amok by thinking it can "make the laws," and our President does what he wants, for example, the Border Crisis.

I invite you to learn what's wrong by taking a class on the Constitution. It is being offered every Tuesday at the Emanuel Baptist Church, 911 E. Elder St. at 11 a.m. It is taught by Douglas V. Gibbs, "Mr. Constitution." Doug offers classes in seven venues throughout the county, a radio show on Saturday and Wednesday, plus he has written many books on the subject.

The classes are continual, so you can come every Tuesday or "drop in" as you wish. The class is taught using a pocket Constitution, which is provided. Doug instructs going page by page of our Constitution, filling in with past history, current events relating to that page, and many good stories.

Please join us. If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Judy Willis


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