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Re: "The story behind the Fallbrook Special Election and 'Fallbrook Freedom Fighters'" [Village News, Letter, 5/18/23]

The “Fallbrook Freedom Fighters” mentioned by Lindsay Jones in her editorial should have a new name. “Fallbrook Philistines” is more accurate. If you are unfamiliar with Biblical names or history, you can Google the term. I will save your time; just go with “Fallbrook Phonies.”

You, Ms. Jones, presented a lengthy and irrelevant discourse entitled, “The story behind the Fallbrook Special Election…” I don’t care why your group formed or what they did during the Covid epidemic and its consequences. I do care about Fallbrook High School, its students, and the outrageous expense of an election to select a trustee who will only serve about a year before the next general election.

Aren’t you and your group proud of throwing away at least $100,000 to $250,000 of FUHS money?

According to Jones in her article, Courtney Hilborn was chosen to run for the FUHS board after many “town hall meetings, conferences, Instagram interviews…and we worked with other grassroots groups to try to find the best representatives possible and advocated for…Courtney Hilborn…Courtney assured us that she wanted to run.” Congratulations on the election of your candidate who resigned her position after the first meeting!

FUHS trustees proceeded to follow the established board policy and name a new trustee to fill the vacancy for Area 1. The Feb. 13 special meeting time was published in advance and was scheduled to take place before the already-scheduled meeting. I was there – along with people who spoke in favor of both candidates, Mr. Dooley and Mrs. Hansen.

“Two parents of high school students tried to get to the meeting early to speak on behalf of Kelly and were turned away.” You infer that they were excluded on purpose. Nope. Everyone else got there on time, including several speakers in favor of Kelly. Many people even sent emails beforehand to board members in support of both candidates; supporters of Mr. Dooley outnumbered those for Mrs. Hansen by a margin of two to one. Again, I was there, and the numbers were announced.

Mr. Dooley and his supporters listed his many contributions to local boards in addition to his lengthy record of service to many agencies. Mrs. Hansen and her group focused on the fact that she is a female, and that the all-male board needed a woman’s presence and perspective. Wait…What? That’s the only reason? Immediately after the selection of Mr. Dooley, Mrs. Hansen and others whined about their disappointment that a female was not selected. Aren’t public positions and jobs supposed to be on the basis of qualifications and merit rather than sexual discrimination? FYI: the FUHS superintendent and principal are females as are many other administrators there. As a female, I feel well represented.

Here is where it gets really good. Lindsay Jones revealed at the conclusion of her tale that Mrs. Hansen isn’t even going to be on the ballot! Her husband is running instead. Seriously? What about all that blather of the board needing a “woman’s perspective?” You cannot make up this stuff! Fallbrook Phonies for sure.

Remember that this very expensive election is for someone who will only serve about a year before it is time for a general election. Lindsay Jones and her selfish group should be held accountable for every dollar cut from the FUHS budget to pay for the special election. I challenge the Village News to publish the budget cuts and every service or position eliminated at the high school in order to pay for the special election.

Now the good news: If you believe that a female is needed on the FUHS board, you can still get your wish! Vote for Tauna Rodarte instead of Mister Hansen. If you want a qualified, dedicated trustee for Area 1, definitely vote for Tauna Rodarte. Win, win for everybody.

Sandra Forrest

Parent of two female FUHS grads and retired female FUESD teacher


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