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Re: Re: 'Detransitioners – A new need for community' [Village News, Martin letter, 7/6/23]

Julie Reeder


I have no idea what video you assume I saw, which you base your argument on that showed women enjoying a drag performance. I missed that one.

We can debate the flag representing the National Association of the Man Boy Love Association or whether pedophiles should be called Minor Attracted Persons. Or, whether the LGBTQIA+ currently includes them right now.

I do know the difference between gender expression and drag queens. It’s all irrelevant to the point that while our society is so open-minded that it’s collective brains are falling out, there are little safeguards to protect children (everyone’s children) who are introduced to these ideologies, which could have permanently life-altering consequences when they aren’t even old enough to get a tattoo.

I had a distraught parent this week explaining and cussing at me about how awful my article was about the Marine dad who talked in front of the school board. His frustration stemmed from his own experience and how hard it is for him to have a 4th grade son who is “nonbinary” and identifies as a girl. He talked about how smart and sweet he is and how he can’t go to the bathroom all day at school because he can’t use the girl’s bathroom.

And if you question that situation, or any situation related to gender, you are automatically “hateful” and “intolerant,” and… wait for it…”dangerous.”

Nothing but blind acceptance will do.

Why is it that everyone needs to blindly tolerate, support and accept all the radical weirdness on the left? A perfect example is the controversy of the Dodgers and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence twerking on a cross, dressed and acting ridiculously.

But if you support anything on the right, questioning ideologies, defending a child’s innocence at a school board meeting, questioning radical medical procedures on children, you are hateful and intolerant?

Why does tolerance only go one direction in this situation?

The end result and my point was that there are thousands of young people and adults who are in need of acceptance, love and community. Some before they transition, and some after. But the ones who realize they were masking other problems with a transition are shunned by their former friends.

My point was that we, as a society, need to be aware of the issue so that we can love and accept the detransitioners.


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