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Re: Re: 'Detransitioners – A new need for community' [Village News, Martin letter, 7/6/23]

Julie Reeder displayed remarkable stoicism in printing a rambling screed aimed at her character and intelligence, of all things. The triggering impulse was Julie's reasoned comments on a sad, final stage of transgenderism – the people known as "detransitioners." These are the transgenders who've come to regret their so-called "transition," after the damage has been done.

If the letter was just tedious and repetitive, but made thoughtful points, it could be excused as a rough first-draft that should have been cleaned up. But that wasn't what was going on here. The following is a brief summary:

The first sentence starts with a sarcastic snipe at Ms. Reeder, regarding her understanding of "trans women" (men pretending to be women) and drag queens; mentioned in passing are Drag Kings and Bio Queens, but thankfully those not explained.

Bear in mind that drag queens are usually cross-dressing men who are cartoonishly gaudy, with wild hair and eyelashes, acting as grotesquely stereotyped women. Those strange "drag queen story hour" activities for kids at public libraries don't involve anything inappropriate – according to the letter's author, and if you say so, it's because you read "hate-filled" material.

According to the drag queens, these story-hours are said to share "love and acceptance through inclusive storytelling." The letter's writer takes offense at any suggestion that children are being conditioned to gender-fluid lifestyles by the LGBTQ+ folks. The author also states that child sex abuse is a "human problem," not particular to a specific group. I disagree – such a group are known as pedophiles.

Next up are trans athletes. A really interesting paragraph occurs here, with my translations in brackets: "I would like to note that everyone upset by cisgender [actual gender] athletes competing against trans athletes are primarily bothered by trans women [men] athletes. Never the trans men [women] athletes. I wonder why?" I don't wonder, because in some sports, the trans women [men] run or swim faster than the real women they are cheating against.

At this point, the writing turns into a scramble: we read about chest feeders, birthing persons, the giddy Dylan Mulvaney cosplaying Audrey Hepburn, puberty blockers, conversion therapy, and then back to transgenders. A rash of insults follows which I won't repeat, wrapping up with an accusation of "disinformation." Now, where have I heard that term before?

David Lewis


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