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George Soros backed organizations are descending on Temecula to influence your vote

Julie Reeder


Well, when our governor congratulated Temecula and said “You have our attention,” he was serious. Although I wish he would put more attention on the deficit in our state budget, our failing schools (not Temecula schools), the anti-parent laws that are being passed, the spiking crime, the homelessness and all the decent productive tax paying people who are leaving the state for peaceful lives elsewhere.

Now the teacher’s unions are suing the board. And, Temecula, you now have outsiders, People for the American Way, funded by George Soros's Open Society, descending on your neighborhoods to influence your vote to recall school board members who were democratically elected by you to represent them.

People for the American Way and its offshoot, Grandparents for Democracy, are indeed radical. The names sound so nice, but you have to do your research.

Think about other candidates backed by Soros, like San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, who was the target of recall himself because LA is fed up with the soft on crime ideology that is ruining their city with looting and murder. While the organizations represent that they are fighting for equity, justice, democracy, etc. think about what no cash bail and lax enforcement and sentencing has done for our big cities nationwide.

From a PFTAW press release:

“People For the American Way, a national progressive advocacy organization, inspires and mobilizes community and cultural leaders to advance Truth, Justice and the American Way. We convene courageous Americans, produce compelling media and organize campaigns to defend our democracy from authoritarian threats and advance America’s promise that everyone will enjoy freedom, safety and a vote that counts. Learn more:”

Unless you elect a school board member that doesn’t represent their point of view. Then you are authoritarian I guess, or if you cut out plays from a classroom that have graphic sex and profanity. Because we can’t impose on people’s freedom, even if it means exposing children to radical inappropriate sexual content. It should just be a free for all in the classroom apparently.

About Grandparents For Truth

“Grandparents For Truth (G4T) is a project of People For the American Way to mobilize grandparents, members and supporters who are fighting for the next generation’s freedom to learn, and who are resisting authoritarian attacks on the freedom to teach the whole truth about our history and culture.”

This deserves a whole other piece. Who is actually being authoritarian and refusing to teach the whole truth about our history and culture? I would like to see evidence of that.

Temecula, it's your city, but I would encourage you to really listen to both sides and don't be influenced just by name calling and true fear mongering. If you actually watch the board meetings for yourself, you will be far more educated than what you hear from national groups with a real and financed political agenda.

As a person who has been watching and covering the Temecula Valley Unified School District for decades now, I have a good idea of how great the school district is. It’s not hard for me to be objective. I am not particularly emotional about it and I don’t have students in the district. The TVUSD school board has been making decisions that they have every right to. Even stories I’ve read from outlets like the Patch are very one-sided and if you are just quoting the proponents and repeating their name calling and accusations, it’s very biased.

Proponents of the recall effort accuse the TVUSD majority of "fear-mongering" and deceiving their supporters and name calling them "cancer in the community" and likening people as holding "extreme" ideology that could be like the transformation of Germany into a dictatorship by the Nazi party.

Is it really the TVUSD board that is fear-mongering, acting authoritarian and holding extreme ideologies? After covering the board meetings personally, I don’t see it.

Because the board members took some extra time, before spending $1.6 million dollars on a social studies curriculum? Which they later approved, with the exception of one section that is currently being reviewed? School children are "suffering"? Temecula's reputation and the chances of kids getting into prestigious universities is suffering? Really? The board is racist? They are Nazis, fear mongers? Cancer?

Who is fear mongering? Who is grossly exaggerating?

Because they replaced a superintendent, which is their prerogative?

Because they disapproved of a play that had the "F" word in it over 100 times and had graphic descriptions of sex between a boy who lived with his parents and a man he just met at the park? Because they followed the present education code and found it inappropriate?

Because they banned CRT, like half the country has?

Really? Are these "radical" right-wing extremist, nazi, racist authoritarian values?

I’ve found that people have to resort to name calling when they can’t explain their position or have substance to their argument. It will be interesting to see what happens with a national support to recall local board members, to say the least.


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