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Opinion: Weiss is put in charge to protect Hunter Biden

Julie Reeder


In the corridors of the justice system, the aspiration is for every citizen, regardless of their last name, to be dealt with justly and equitably. When news broke about Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal, and the judge’s rejection of it, eyebrows were understandably raised.

For people who know what is going on, it was even more surprising when that same U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware was put in charge of Hunter Biden’s investigation as a “Special Counsel.”.

That sounds tough, right? Well, don’t expect justice to be served, because he was the same U.S. Attorney who not only agreed to a plea deal that gave Hunter Biden special immunity from any future alleged crimes, but also slow-walked all of Hunter’s legal troubles past their time statute of limitations, making it not possible to prosecute him.

It's no surprise that Judge Maryellen Noreika deemed the deal "not standard" and different from what's typically seen in such proceedings. The continued optics look less than ideal for sure.

Tax offenses have been treated with considerable seriousness by American courts for people who don’t have the last name Biden. Hunter Biden's admission of "willful failure to pay" federal income taxes in two instances strikes at the heart of many Americans. Likewise, the firearm offense, especially in the context of substance abuse, adds another layer of complexity to this narrative.

When such deals are made behind closed doors, it is crucial for the public to have faith in the fairness of the justice system. And, as House Republicans have duly noted, the nature of this "sweetheart" plea deal does spark questions, and then to put in charge as “Special Counsel” the very guy who was involved in the rejected plea deal, which most Americans won’t realize, is just another proof that Lady Justice isn’t blind like she’s supposed to be and there’s continued corruption in the Department of Justice.

While a fair defense is sacred and ought to be preserved for every citizen, deals that diverge so sharply from the norm warrant scrutiny, especially from the Biden crime family.

The larger issue at play here is not necessarily about Hunter Biden as an individual but about the broader implications of such deals. Can ordinary citizens expect the same consideration? Or is there a different set of rules for those in privileged positions? How about the disparity between how Biden family members are treated vs. Trump family members who were scrutinized for several years?

While Weiss's office has stated the investigation is ongoing, it's doubtful that justice will really be served or that there will be any findings, or that there will be any transparency. And since his office “slow-walked” many of Hunter’s legal issues until they were past the statute of limitations, it is likely nothing will change, and the mainstream media will continue to ignore the whole issue and turn up the coverage of Donald Trump as a continued diversion.

In a democracy that prides itself on the rule of law, it's paramount that justice is not only done but seen to be done. The coming weeks and months will be telling, as more information unfolds. One can only hope that the outcome will restore faith in a system that is meant to serve all, equally, or it will be business as usual while those in charge punish their political enemies and practice election interference using the “whole of government.”


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