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Re: Terrell response to Maynard [Village News, Terrell letter, 8/3/23]

When I was old enough to vote, I asked my dad “what’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats?” He was a Democrat, and told me “the Republicans are for rich people, who own big factories and mansions. The Democrats are for the regular working people. Democrats treat everyone fairly and want to make sure people have good lives.” So I agreed that the Democrats were who I’d vote for too. I believed that explanation for a while, but tending to be a skeptic, I finally decided that half the voters couldn’t all be cigar-smoking millionaires. What my dad repeated to me was the narrative, pushed by the Democrats, and the media which support them. I write this because that narrative is still believed by roughly half the voting public, despite obvious contradictions and the economic downturns since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The narrative is evident in John Terrell’s response to a Dave Maynard letter, which had criticized “Bidenomics,” that silly term for the Biden administration’s economic policies. Terrell lists supposed Bidenomic accomplishments, all of which involve taking money from taxpayers or from corporations employing those taxpayers. An example: student debt canceled, meaning the greedy colleges got paid, the students avoided their signed obligation to repay the loan and the taxpayer foots the bill. Terrell does attempt, however, to show one positive economic benefit from Biden: “...invested in clean energy initiatives that created jobs…” How many remember the green-energy “Solyndra” boondoggle which cost the taxpayers over a half billion dollars? That was promoted by Obama’s V.P. Biden. Just last week, another “green” company hyped by Biden, Proterra, cost taxpayers again when that company filed for bankruptcy.

After fawning over Biden, the letter suddenly jumps to former President Donald Trump’s international business income while president, as if earning money from his high-end hotels and resorts is a bad thing. But Terrell “can’t find substantiation of any personal profit for Vice President or President Biden.” He’s not looking very hard, if unaware of multiple millions of dollars sent to Biden and his family from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, China, etc., supported by subpoenaed bank records and multiple sworn testimonies.

Terrell then presents the politized “criminal charges” designed to prevent Trump from regaining the presidency.

Giving Stormy Daniels hush-money payments

That was an arrangement between them; it was his own money and a few months ago, she lost a defamation suit against him – costing her $122,000. So why should we care?

Falsifying business records

Even if Trump said his collateral was worth more than it was, it’s the private bank’s responsibility to do appraisals when loaning money. What’s that to you or me?

Handling of classified documents

He had a right to those documents. Biden didn’t have that right, and had kept unauthorized classified documents years longer. Hillary Clinton did not have that right either, and destroyed the memory devices when they were subpoenaed. That should concern us more.

Pending indictments in Georgia, i.e. the “find me the votes” thing

He obviously meant “find where they hid the thousands of Trump votes that mysteriously quit being counted late at night,” while Biden’s votes suspiciously surged.

In conclusion, it seems to me that Biden’s bribes, shakedowns and shell companies in foreign countries are more important than Trump paying Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about a fling.

Dave Lewis


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