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Re: 'Home Kitchen Entrepreneurs' [Village News, Waldron column, 8/24/23]

I sent the following list of questions re: AB 1325 to Assemblymember Waldron this morning. My reason is to point out that there are many unanswered questions that the citizens of this state are not getting answers to regarding legislation being passed in Sacramento.

Also, with a very few exceptions, the media itself is not fully questioning and reporting all information included or not included in all bills. Some bills are not even reported on in a timely manner, so citizens are not even aware of them until after they pass.

1. Are these kitchens allowed in rentals or must they be in homes owned by the operators?

a. If these can be rentals, is this with homeowner's approval? Shouldn't this be the homeowner's right to refuse this business on their property?

b. Who pays liability insurance?

2. Are these home kitchens allowed to sell their food at the site, much like a restaurant?

a. If so, what are the rights of the neighbors regarding increase in traffic, strangers in the area, and parking?

b. If there are issues created by the home kitchens, who should the neighbors contact?

3. Will the counties send inspectors to the sites to ensure compliance with the regulations?

4. How is this not an unethical way of going around local zoning laws?

5. How does this affect other local traditional restaurants whose owners have worked hard to establish their small businesses?

5. Finally, do you think that your constituents (the people who voted for you) would approve of this bill?

I am very concerned about the declining rights of property owners who have worked hard to be able to live in an area that has been historically governed by laws that provide a neighborhood that is conducive to raising a family and living a quality life without interference from businesses.

I also understand that there is, in the works, a bill that allows child care facilities in neighborhoods. If so, many of my above questions also apply to this issue.

Maureen Smith


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