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BUSD updates facility use fees

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

Local groups may rent Bonsall Unified School District rooms or fields if the use doesn’t conflict with BUSD activity, and the facility use fees for such rental were updated during the Oct. 18 BUSD board meeting.

The 5-0 vote approved a new application packet including the fee schedule. Local Bonsall clubs or other organizations, with “local” defined as a majority of participants being Bonsall residents, pay a direct cost fee which covers utilities, supplies, and custodial needs.

For-profit groups which charge membership fees, groups whose participant majority does not live in Bonsall, public agencies, religious groups, and charitable fundraising events which do not directly benefit youth or public school activities of the district will be charged the fair market value rental fee.

“The facilities use schedule is just an updating,” said BUSD superintendent Joseph Clevenger. “It has not been updated for quite some time.”

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts, BUSD Parent-Teacher Association meetings, BUSD special events, after-school programs with no fees, local Bonsall clubs or other associations, and non-profit organizations which promote school and youth activities are eligible for the direct cost rate.

For-profit organizations providing recreational programs, after-school programs which are fee-based, homeowners associations, public agencies, non-residential commercial business, churches, and fundraising activities which do not directly benefit youth or BUSD activities will be charged the fair market value rate.

Applications must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event date. Fees must be paid in advance with a check payable to the Bonsall Unified School District, although if a reservation is canceled at least two working days in advance the fees will be refunded.

The Bonsall Community Center land is owned by the Bonsall Unified School District, and facility rental is available for the community center and for the four schools owned by the district. Bonsall High School and Sullivan Middle School share a site owned by the Bonsall Unified School District and the district also owns Bonsall Elementary School and Bonsall West Elementary School.

The school district also operates Vivian Banks Charter School on the Pala Indian Reservation and leases that facility which is part of the Mission San Antonio de Pala church on the reservation; facility rental from the school district is not available for that school.

Partitions allow four potential multi-use rooms at the Bonsall Community Center. In the absence of a partition the multi-use room can accommodate 296 people. The capacity for partitioned rooms is 100 for Multi-Use Room A, 99 for Multi-Use Room B, 49 for Multi-Use Room D, and 48 for Multi-Use Room C. The amenities for the multi-use rooms include air conditioning, heating, a projector, microphones, tables, and chairs.

Groups eligible for direct cost rental would pay an hourly rate of $50 for all four rooms, $25 for Multi-Use Room A or Multi-Use Room B, and $20 for Multi-Use Room C or Multi-Use Room D. The hourly fair market value rate is $100 for the four rooms combined, $50 for Multi-Use Room A, Multi-Use Room D, or Multi-Use Room D, and $40 for Multi-Use Room C.

The capacity of a standard classroom at a school site is 49 occupants. The direct cost rental is $25 per hour and the fair market value rental is $50 per hour. The amenities for classrooms include air conditioning, heating, a whiteboard, desks, and tables.

The hourly rental for a sports field or for the gymnasium is $50 for groups eligible for the direct cost rate and $100 for organizations being charged the fair market value rate. Sports field amenities include access to restrooms, lighting, stadium seating, and a scoreboard where available.

Gymnasium amenities include air conditioning, heating, a projector, microphones, tables, chairs, basketball hoops, and bleachers. Rental of hardcourt facilities can be obtained with a direct cost rate of $30 per hour and a fair market value rate of $60 per hour, and the amenities for the hardcourts include access to restrooms and lighting.

The custodial services covered in the rates include standard work. An optional custodial fee of $45 per hour allows for arranging requested room setups, relocating furniture, post-event cleaning, and facility opening and closing. An optional $50 hourly sound technician fee covers setting up sound equipment including microphones, speakers, and projectors.


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