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What are the benefits of stretching?

Shelby Ramsey

Special to the Village News

Growing up, stretching was always suggested to me before joining any competitive sport on the field or court.

Did I? No.

Why? Because I didn't think it mattered. I was unaware of any benefit. I associated it as only being necessary if you were prone to injury.

Nowadays stretching is a daily habit and practice of mine.

The top 5 benefits of stretching:

• It wakes your body up

Your muscles and ligaments benefit by becoming more flexible, healthy and strong (lessening risk for joint issues)

• It connects your physical body with your mind

Not only are you achieving more balance mentally, but also physically. Who doesn't want more clarity as they start the day?

• It increases blood flow

This may lessen your risk for heart attacks and strokes. Can you carve out a few minutes for basic leg stretches to aid your health and lower your blood pressure?

• It reduces stress

Stretch it out, let it go. Focusing on how good it feels to reach towards your toes instead of work for 10 minutes is healthy.

• It relieves aches

Feeling stiff? Stretching is known to reduce lactic acid buildup in your bloodstream. "Lactic acid is a chemical your body produces when your cells break down carbohydrates for energy," says The Cleveland Clinic.

Join me in stretching daily. While you're on a call, waiting for dinner to be ready in the oven, or instead of scrolling on your phone.

We can make the time.

Shelby Ramsey is a health journalist and publisher of


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