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From Farm to Fork: FUESD's Child Nutrition Services unveils fresh and locally grown meals for students

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District's Child Nutrition Services is embarking on a transformative journey revolutionizing the school lunch experience for students. This week marks a significant milestone in the initiative, introducing freshly made pizzas crafted in-house, utilizing locally sourced ingredients.

These pizzas feature a whole wheat crust from the esteemed Sadie Rose Baking Company Bakery in Oceanside. Unlike traditional mass-produced or frozen pizzas, CNS's new pizzas are prepared fresh on-site, ensuring a delightful and nutritious dining experience for students.

In addition to the freshly made pizzas, students have the opportunity to explore a vibrant salad bar adorned with fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables from surrounding communities. The commitment to using ingredients from nearby sources enhances the quality and nutritional value of the meals, fostering a connection between the school and the local agricultural community.

Amy Haessly, director of Child Nutrition Services, expressed her enthusiasm for the new initiative.

"At CNS, we are dedicated to providing our students with not only delicious but also wholesome meals," Haessly said. "By incorporating locally sourced ingredients, we aim to support our local communities while offering students nutritious options that contribute to their overall well-being. We believe that a healthy diet is crucial for academic success, and we are excited to play a role in shaping positive eating habits among our students."

The salad bar features an array of fresh produce, including oranges from Dickinson Family Farms in De Luz, showcasing the diversity and richness of the region's agricultural offerings. The initiative aligns with CNS's broader commitment to promoting health and wellness among students through thoughtfully curated and locally inspired menu options.

Adding to the richness of the offerings are cherry tomatoes and Persian cucumbers from Dassi Family Farm in Encinitas, whole wheat tortillas in burritos and tortilla chips made by Esperanza's Tortilleria in Escondido. Looking ahead, CNS said it plans to introduce kumquats grown in De Luz by Fresh Fruit Sales in March and avocados grown in Valley Center by Davis Family Farm in April. The central kitchen also contributes by making its own fresh salsa.

Parents, teachers and students are invited to savor the delicious and nutritious changes taking place in the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District's Child Nutrition Services. The approach to school nutrition not only supports local businesses but also fosters a sense of community and connection to the region's agricultural roots.

Submitted by Fallbrook Union Elementary School District.


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