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Visible address signs are key to emergency response

Having your address clearly marked on your house is important in case of an emergency, so first responders can find your home in a timely manner. In rural areas like Fallbrook, this is especially important as some residents live far off the main road listed as their address.

For example, my friend Margaret, who just turned 87, lives roughly a mile off a main road in Rainbow. She fell in her kitchen on Feb. 29, suffering a compound fracture to her lower right leg. She said it took her an hour to reach her phone, then another hour for the paramedics to find her house, with her leg bleeding the whole time.

By the time she arrived at the hospital, she needed four units of blood. The doctors thought she had bled out, but she survived. She has been at Fallbrook Skilled Nursing since then as she cannot put any weight on her right leg yet.

Everybody has a hard time finding her house except those of us who have been there several times. [Previously, a Care Van driver never did find her and the Uber driver that was supposed to take her to the doctor’s office arrived too late to get her there in time for her appointment.]

Wanting to find out how to help paramedics get to her faster if she has another emergency, I contacted North County Fire.

Chief McReynolds said, “This unfortunately is an all-too-common problem across Fallbrook, Bonsall, and Rainbow. A few of my thoughts for our residents are:

* Ensure your property clearly has your house number posted at the street, mailbox, and on the house.

* Signage, Signage, Signage! Arrows/signage can help on long driveways with multiple houses.

* If your residence is on a street that is different from your street name, provide clarifying signage.

* Ensure map apps show access/routes accurately to your home.

My friend's road has a different name on NCF’s map as it is an easement road. Public Information Officer John Choi recommended that a road sign be made and posted in both directions at the intersection of the easement and the main road identifying that easement as the main road.

Choi added that their GISS, (Geographic Information Systems Specialist), will be working with their dispatch to correct the issues with these addresses on this road. He also recommended that this sign should be green similar to a street sign with white reflective lettering, which can be purchased online. Also, there should be two signs posted, one visible from the north and one from the south, as the easement has two entrances.

This advice also applies to businesses no matter where they are located. While they are more easily found on map apps, not everyone uses those apps and finding a business by address is difficult if address numbers are not visible on buildings.


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