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Get fun, funky with white Christmas decorating ideas

Are you looking for something a little bit different this Christmas?

If you are getting fed up of dragging out the same tired, traditional Christmas decorations year after year, go for something fun, funky and modern this year.

This Christmas, move away from traditional Christmas colors of red, gold and green and instead be inspired by a wonderful white Christmas.

Every year we hope for a magical white Christmas but never quite get there. But we needn’t rely on the weather; we can use our interior design skills to bring a wonderful white Christmas right into our home.

Recreating a white Christmas at home doesn’t mean tacky fake snow. We are looking at the suggestion of a crisp, white, fresh feel… without the chilly feeling and frozen fingers of real ice and snow.

It is your choice of colors that will give you the biggest impact in your choice of Christmas decorating ideas. For that fresh and funky feel, base your decorating color scheme around white, blue and silver.

This gives a wonderfully wintry feel but sometimes does not quite convey a sufficient amount of Christmas cheer. You can achieve a more welcoming feel with this look by mixing other colors into this wintry base.

Add touches of turquoise, aqua and teal and all shades of blue, deepest green and purple. These jewel colors will bring out the richness of the scheme. You can also really turn up the heat with a little pink, red or gold.

This color scheme really makes the most of the more unusual colored trees, especially white and silver Christmas trees, which can look totally stunning and sparkly. It works really well on a standard (or real) green tree, too, so don’t think that you have to chuck out all your old decorations!

Of course, your Christmas tree will be the center of your white Christmas decorating efforts, but don’t forget the table too.

On Christmas day itself – and, if you are lucky, through the whole of the festive season – the table becomes the center of attention. Make your Christmas table a little special this year.

It is easy enough to use some of your Christmas decorations, plus some winter foliage or candles, to make a beautiful and tasteful table centerpiece.

It is really fun to get creative with this and make your own. Just remember that sometimes less is more. Don’t go completely over the top; you want to leave some room for the food and the guests.

Always make sure that your guests at the table can see each other over your magnificent centerpiece…or you can arrange to remove it onto a side table whilst the meal is being served.

A few baubles, tastefully arranged, can create a very effective place setting for your guests.

Of course, remember to keep in with the same color scheme and wintry theme to bring all of your Christmas decorations together into a cohesive whole.

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