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Kicking it XI

At a time when everything is considered political, here is one thing which women can all agree: women's clothing sizes. Why can a man buy a size 16-inch neck shirt anywhere around the world yet, women cannot find consistency in our sizes? Sorry, after shopping for the holidays, I just had to rant.

Just returned from a quick jaunt to San Francisco; it was good to get home and back to the gym. My go-to exercise is the hip abductor. While it sounds eerie, it is an exercise to strengthen the back and glutes.

For the last month, I've added ab crunches and side lifts for the intercostal muscle on, around and through both sides of the ribcage. You know where that bulging glob lives just above the brassiere under the arm pit. Mine is finally disappearing.

Other disappearing body parts include my double chin, my belly and the saggy, flappy under-the-arm skin, and my waistline is inches smaller. I am delighted to announce to date I am now 10 inches smaller than when I started and 13 pounds lighter. It seemed like it took forever except when looking back four months doesn't seem like such a long time. Day by day, it gets a bit grueling though.

Still, more needs to happen. It became apparent after trying on some of my skinny ensembles I've saved for just this reunion. As you may know, they live in the far back recesses of the closet.

Need I say, my goal is to appear chic and svelte on the Orient Express? Of course not. Everyone knows me to be shallow. I must tighten, tone, lift and lose more for a glamorous silhouette.

Well, I go back to my old mantra: "If it were easy, everybody would be doing it."

So, you and I know better. It ain't easy. What is easy is doing nothing. Here is the thing. Nothing against anyone, it's just if you've ever been slighted, snubbed or casually dismissed, left behind or you've bumped into an old beau or worse even your nemesis... being in shape says in-your-face "I have moved on and past this." Whatever it is, was or used to be, I believe that getting in shape is the best revenge.

It is a selfish thing to do, and one of the best things to do for building self-esteem. If you get depressed – go to the gym. If you have something to celebrate – go to the gym. If you are mad – go to the gym. If you want to cry – go to the gym. It is your go-to place to get centered.

Wait. I bet you are thinking, "I don't have that kind of time." I am too busy. There is work, school, the children, the house. Blah. Blah. Blah.

And these are just a few of my old excuses. Actually, you do have time. It only takes about 25 minutes to do a daily routine. Really, that is it. Not that occasionally one might spend longer, the average time is between 22 and 35 minutes. Trainer days are 30 minutes.

So, quit lying to yourself, you do have 30 minutes a day. Babysitting is available too. Be like a soldier and be the best you can be. Only 60 days left to departure.

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