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Articles from the June 27, 2024 edition

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  • County recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

    Fernanda Lopez Halvorson, County of San Diego Communications Office|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Elder abuse can affect anyone, but everyone can be part of the solution. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was observed June 15 and highlighted the importance of building strong support for elders. It is meant to bring people together to identify, address and prevent abuse. As many as one in 10 older adults living at home have experienced abuse, including neglect, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Locally, County Adult Protective Services processed...

  • Filing period to open for property tax assessment appeals

    Tracy DeFore, County of San Diego Communications Office|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    San Diego County residents and businesses who disagree with their property tax assessments for the 2024-2025 Fiscal Year may file an application to appeal their value between July 2 and Dec. 2. The Clerk of the County Assessment Appeals Board, Andrew Potter, announced the filing period June 20. Applications and information booklets are available on the county's website at Residents may also pick them up and speak with Clerk...

  • The difference between a traditional sale and a short sale

    Elisabeth Lentulo, Realtor|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    FALLBROOK – Ever encountered the terms “traditional sale” and “short sale” but are confused as to what they mean and how these things differ from each other? Whether you’re on the buying or selling side of real estate, these concepts are helpful for you to understand. A traditional sale is pretty straightforward. It’s when a homeowner sells their property for an amount that covers the outstanding mortgage and any other fees or expenses. Everything goes smoothly, the buyer get...

  • TAC recommends speed limits on Little Gopher Canyon Road and Old River Road

    Joe Naiman, Village News Reporter|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Currently neither Little Gopher Canyon Road between Gopher Canyon Road and Old River Road nor Old River Road between state Route 76 and Dentro de Lomas have posted speed limits. If the recommendations of the county’s Traffic Advisory Committee Friday, June 7, are ratified by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the 1.50-mile segment of Little Gopher Canyon Road will have a 30 mph speed limit and the 1.66-mile portion of Old River Road will have a 45 mph speed limit. The vote to recommend the Little Gopher Canyon Road 30...

  • A Blossoming Legacy: Lee Hulsey's lifelong journey with Roseland Nursery

    Julie Reeder|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Lee Hulsey will be 90 years old on Aug. 30 this year. She boasts of being in the nursery business for over 50 years beginning in 1970. She is a living testament to the adage that age is just a number. As sharp as a tack, she continues to inspire those around her with her entrepreneurial spirit and deep-seated love for family and community. Lee is the proud owner of Roseland Nursery, a thriving business that is celebrating its 40th year of operation. The nursery, nestled in a...

  • Another puppy is looking for a family

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

  • County library first in California to be certified sustainable

    Shauni Lyles, County of San Diego Communications Office|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    With 33 branches and more than 300 library staff, San Diego County Library has become the first in California to be designated a "Certified Sustainable Library" through the Sustainable Libraries Initiative's award-winning Sustainable Library Certification Program. This program demonstrates the county's commitment to environmentally friendly practices by providing the public with resources that will help communities transition to a green, carbon-free economy. "We are...

  • California kicks off State Parks Week as new State Park opens in Central Valley

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    SACRAMENTO – As California's newest State Park, Dos Rios, officially opened to the public June 12, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a proclamation declaring June 12-16 as California State Parks Week. Located in the San Joaquin Valley outside of Modesto, Dos Rios is the first new State Park since 2014. "Our state parks are a point of pride and inspiration for Californians and visitors from around the world. Today, we celebrate the opening of Dos Rios – our first new State Park in...

  • Summer camps are in full effect at community center

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    FALLBROOK – Detective Jeff Holder from the Sheriff's Bomb/Arson Unit and Crime Prevention Specialist did a presentation for the Fallbrook Community Center's summer camp program on June 17. The children were able to learn, not only about the various careers at the Sheriff's Department, but a little about what the bomb arson deputies do. Lots of questions about "Buttons" the robot were asked, and camp goers received an official Junior Deputy Sheriff badge after. Submitted by t...

  • Fallbrook STEM Academy families enjoy Lunch on the Lawn

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    FALLBROOK – Fallbrook STEM Academy recently hosted Lunch on the Lawn with the aim of nurturing a sense of community and togetherness. Parents, students and staff congregated on the school's front lawn, which was transformed into a bustling center of joy and connection. The focal point of the gathering was the opportunity for families to spend quality time together, enjoying shared meals and each other's company. Parents brought homemade lunches, pizza and Happy Meals, ready t...

  • BUSD approves agreement for instructional assistants

    Joe Naiman, Village News Reporter|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    A community college student pays resident tuition if he or she is a resident of that community college district or an adjacent community college district. The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District borders the Palomar Community College District, so Bonsall Unified School District residents attending Grossmont College or Cuyamaca College would pay resident tuition. An agreement was needed for a foundation to pay Grossmont College and Cuyamaca College students to be instructional assistants at BUSD schools, but that was...

  • Trump must be held accountable for his crimes against our country

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    It’s official: After making secret hush money payments to an adult film star 11 days before the 2016 election and falsifying official filings to hide the truth from the public, Donald Trump has been found guilty by a New York jury. Trump’s conviction in New York should remind us all that no one – including a former president – is above the law. It should also remind us of the danger that Trump still poses to our democracy. In the final weeks of the 2016 election, Trump covered up his affair with Stormy Daniels to dupe vo...

  • Trump committed serious crimes and should not be president again

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Donald Trump was found guilty by a jury of everyday Americans on 34 felony counts. He is finally being held accountable for one of his many illegal schemes to gain and hold onto power. His conviction is a reminder that no one – including a former president – is above the law. And it’s another reminder that Trump still poses a major threat to our democracy. When he was President, Trump attacked our fundamental freedoms, from our freedom to vote in 2020 when he attempted to overturn the will of the people, to appointing three...

  • Payόmkawish Highway

    Assemblymember Marie Waldron, 75th District|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    For over 10,000 years, the Luiseño people have lived in the San Luis Rey Valley. Historically, their villages extended along the coastline, and inland along the San Luis Rey River. The largest recorded village was known as Topomai, located in what is now U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Other historic villages to the east included Páume (Pauma) and Palé (Pala). The current route of Highway 76 was the main path the Luiseños used during their seasonal migrations back and f...

  • Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reaches plea agreement with US

    Julie Reeder, Publisher|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks and an Australian journalist, has entered into a plea agreement with the United States, according to court filings. It's a deal that allows him to sidestep additional prison time, after fighting extradition to the U.S. and living for seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He then spent five years in a UK prison, HMP Belmarsh, described by some as "the Guantanamo Bay of Britain." Under the terms of the agreement disclosed...

  • National Police Association scam

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    You have to laugh when a scam organization is so dumb (or brazen) as to send a mailed request for money and say that “the Fallbrook City Council Members need to hear from you." Obviously it’s the same scam organization that pollutes the phone lines with fake requests for money. I couldn't resist using their prepaid envelope to send an appropriate reply. Perhaps others in our Friendly Village have received the same solicitation and I hope that they also use the opportunity to send a little note that highlights the fact tha...

  • FBI highlights growing number of reported elder fraud cases

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    WASHINGTON – In honor of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, the FBI wants to remind friends, family, and loved ones of older Americans to know the signs of elder fraud. While elder abuse can be perpetuated in any number of ways, the FBI has seen a double-digit increase in financial fraud involving older adults, prompting efforts from the bureau to bring public awareness to this type of crime. According to the FBI’s latest Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) data, there have already been $1.6 billion in losses fro...

  • Site managers needed for in-person voting locations

    Tracy DeFore, County of San Diego Communications Office|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    The Registrar of Voters is seeking temporary site managers to operate in-person voting locations for the November presidential general election. Site managers earn $20 per hour. Site managers will be required to lead poll workers while representing the Registrar of Voters in a professional, nonpartisan manner. The Registrar is seeking people who are team players, exhibit strong leadership skills and display flexibility, patience, and the highest level of integrity at all...

  • Worker of the Week works with friends

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

  • Join me in stopping the gas tax increase

    Supervisor Jim Desmond, 5th District|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    A few weeks ago, I stood shoulder to shoulder with small business leaders and parents, united with the same message: the gas tax must be stopped. On July 1, the gas tax is set to increase by an additional 2 cents per gallon, bringing the total tax burden to a staggering 59.6 cents per gallon. We are already grappling with the highest gas prices in the nation, rising utility costs, skyrocketing housing expenses and an overall escalating cost of living. Government should be...

  • Cooler Heads achieves milestones in cancer patient care with innovative technology

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    SAN DIEGO – NuFund Venture Group highlighted the achievements of one of its portfolio companies, Cooler Heads. The medical tech company made strides in enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy through its portable scalp cooling technology. Cooler Heads is transforming the market for scalp cooling, the therapy that allows chemotherapy patients to keep their hair, by making this aspect of symptom management profitable for infusion centers. Their flagship product, Amma, is an FDA-cleared, p...

  • VCC receives 5-year contract for continuation of resilience community mentoring program

    Updated Jun 27, 2024

    VISTA – Vista Community Clinic's Community Health Department has announced that it has been awarded a prestigious five-year contract from the County of San Diego Probation Department to continue its Comprehensive Credible Messenger Mentoring Program, better known in the community as Resilience. The Resilience program connects former or current justice-involved individuals, known as mentors, with justice-involved youth and young adults, referred to as mentees. Through this program, mentors serve as guides and advocates, h...

  • Secrets of iron absorption revealed

    Kate Rheaume, Naturopathic Doctor, Special to the Village News|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Fatigue, being cold, hair loss and a pale complexion are all telltale signs of low iron, a common nutrient deficiency and a major energy zapper. As prevalent as this problem is, most cases of low iron may be flying under the radar. New research suggested that the most severe iron insufficiency cases are flagged, while individuals with moderately low – but still health-impacting – levels can be overlooked at times. Many women whose well-being is undermined by low iron are not getting the help they need. In addition to iro...

  • Drug education resources are here to help

    Jody Boulay, Special to the Village News|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    Drug addiction and hopelessness have ravaged countless communities across California. Fortunately, within these communities, many organizations make a difference, whether through drug education, prevention, or treatment. There is hope for the younger generations as they have more access to prevention and education resources to help them make informed decisions. In addition, more information is available for parents to equip them with the tools to help their kids. Locally, behavioral health services in San Diego County offer...

  • The secret to timeless skin: Dr. Anthony Youn's guide to aging gracefully

    Julie Reeder, Publisher|Updated Jun 27, 2024

    As people age, their skin undergoes myriad changes, which often leads to concerns about maintaining a youthful appearance. Dr. Anthony Youn, plastic surgeon and author of the book “Younger for Life,” offered insights and practical advice on how to keep skin healthy and vibrant through the years. The five pillars of autojuvenation Youn introduced the concept of “autojuvenation,” which encompasses five key areas: diet, nutritional supplements, skincare and noninvasive treatments...

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