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The indie film “White Rainbow,” produced by Dharlin Entertainment, is now available on DVD at Amazon.com. In 2005 the film premiered in selected theaters throughout the US and globally.

Produced by Linda Mandrayar and directed by Dharan Mandrayar, a wife/husband team from Bonsall, the movie took Best Feature Film in March of 2005 at the Sedona International Film Festival. It was screened nationwide at other festivals, including the Reel Women International and Seattle Film festivals.

The title “White Rainbow” emerged from the fact that widows in India are forbidden to use color in their wardrobe after their husbands die. “They are forced to wear white but have the potential of a rainbow,” noted Linda.

The premise of the film is to illustrate that these women do not have to accept their fate and can emerge victorious. Dharan Mandrayar wrote the screenplay, which is based on several true stories.

The Mandrayars traveled to India to research the film and then returned for the filming. The setting is the infamous city of Vrindavan, where thousands of shunned widows go to live out their lives. The widows typically earn a living by chanting in the temple, begging or taking on even darker, harsher work.

The film chronicles the story of four widows living in Vrindavan. The protagonist, Priya, portrayed by award-winning Indian actress Sonali Kulkarni, is a strong-willed and educated woman who sets the other three to thinking about their fates. The outcome is positive.

Anu Anand of BBC News had this to say about the film: “…After the violent opposition to the last film on widows in India, the making of ‘White Rainbow’ alone is progress.”

Dharan commented, “We are hoping that even if it changes a couple of minds to do something or to help we have achieved something.”

For further information access http://www.whiterainbow.com.


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