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Car trips with the kids don't have to be stressful

It’s hot and your family is heading for a fun vacation destination, but... — Updated 7/15/2019


Motivating your children to do more

Children can be amazing. They develop new cellphone apps, set athletic records, volunteer with the elderly and perform many good... — Updated 7/1/2019


Overcome feelings of shyness

Each person, at times, feels anxious about a situation they’re currently in or about to enter. If such feelings are the norm,... — Updated 6/24/2019


Don't let summer just happen

Most people, from young children to senior citizens, look forward to the opportunities of summer. While they may complain some... — Updated 6/17/2019


Don't ignore childhood complaints of teasing

Teasing happens with children of all ages. It may be seemingly innocent name-calling, or more serious harassment and ridicule, but... — Updated 6/6/2019


Relaxing – A skill everyone needs to learn

People live in a world that produces lots of stress. While stress can sometimes help motivate them to focus and act, a lot of stres... — Updated 6/3/2019


Learning to let your children make mistakes

What parent doesn't want to protect their children, to see them safe, healthy and happy? Such concerns are part of our DNA,... — Updated 5/17/2019


The news can harm your health

It’s more difficult today not to know what’s going on in the world. From print sources, to online media, to 24/7 radio and TV... — Updated 5/14/2019


Animal Stewardship

Since joining the Legislature, I have written, co-written and supported numerous bills aimed at protecting pets and wildlife.... — Updated 5/6/2019 Full story


Are counseling therapies all the same?

Everyone has days when things don’t go well. Usually, such days simply pass, or people talk to a friend or spouse, discuss their... — Updated 5/6/2019


Is competition bad for children?

Competition is a fact of life, especially for children. It may include anything from who did best on the spelling test, to... — Updated 4/22/2019


Equal pay is a no-brainer

April 2 was National Equal Pay Day, which marks the extra time an average woman has to work to take home what a man earned last... — Updated 4/12/2019 Full story


Yes, people can age gracefully

As people age, things change. Some of those changes are obvious in the mirror, while others become evident when a flight of stairs... — Updated 4/12/2019


Learn to let your children make mistakes

What parent doesn't want to protect their children, to see them safe, healthy and happy? Such concerns are part of their DNA,... — Updated 4/12/2019


Benefit from the silence

As people have probably noticed, it’s a noisy world. Technology helps ensure people are never sitting in silence, but experts... — Updated 3/29/2019


Recognizing depression in seniors

Everyone feels sad at times. Numerous things in life can leave people feeling blue. For most people, this feeling is usually a... — Updated 3/15/2019


Are you ready to help a friend?

Humans beings are naturally social creatures, some people more so than others. Most people enjoy their interactions with others, sh... — Updated 3/11/2019


Do your children think vaping is a safe alternative?

While adults are aware that cigarette smoking is dangerous and unhealthy, it’s still a serious and difficult addiction for many... — Updated 3/1/2019


Balance aging parents and family demands

Today more people are living longer. The changes in people’s lifestyles, along with improved health care, have meant that people... — Updated 3/1/2019


Developmental Disabilities Deserve Funding

California has been transitioning from residential to community-based care for people with developmental disabilities, with the... — Updated 2/8/2019


Helping children with the death of a pet

A child's first experience with death is often the loss of a pet. This can be a traumatic experience, but it's also a time to learn... — Updated 2/8/2019


Big issues are on the table

California has a new governor, a new budget plan and a new legislative session that just began. Needless to say, many important... — Updated 1/23/2019 Full story


Are the winter blues getting you down?

With winter here, perhaps you’re not quite feeling your normal self. Maybe you’re a bit sluggish, a little irritable, sleeping... — Updated 1/23/2019


Sleeping well is vital to good health

Want to have less stress and anxiety, along with generally better health? Then start getting more, and better, sleep. It’s simple... — Updated 1/19/2019


Get the most from a doctor's visit

This time of year tends to bring on more illnesses. So it’s especially important for people to pay attention if they have an elde... — Updated 1/14/2019


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