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Thinking About Health: Providers don't want to say what that surgery will cost

People would think that making the prices charged by hospitals and doctors available to their patients would be a no-brainer. After... — Updated 9/13/2019


Thinking About Health

Consumers who are hoping a couple of recent policy proposals might lower prices for their prescription drugs may be out of luck,... — Updated 8/13/2019


Thinking About Health

Is the U.S. ready for a discussion about paying for caregiving, an increasingly vexing and costly problem for a growing number of A... — Updated 7/15/2019


Thinking About Health

The Senate Special Committee on Aging has just released one of the most damning reports on the nation’s nursing homes that... — Updated 6/24/2019


Thinking About Health: Another Challenge: Finding the right follow-up care after hospitalization

If ever there were a weak link in hospital care, it’s what happens when someone leaves the hospital. It’s becoming clear that... — Updated 6/6/2019


Thinking About Health: Hospital ads may mislead

This New York City subway ad recently caught my attention: “When researching hospitals, consider how much research they do.... — Updated 5/14/2019


Thinking About Health

If ever there were an award for the best “buyer beware” story, a tale detailing the pitfalls of short-term health insurance... — Updated 4/29/2019


Thinking About Health

Solicitations for Medicare Advantage plans once again have been arriving in the mail, promising the best bargain since sliced... — Updated 3/29/2019


Thinking about health

Association health insurance is back. Perhaps residents remember those policies... — Updated 3/15/2019


Maybe the U.S. is finally serious about lowering drug prices

David Mitchell is a man with a mission. He is determined to stitch together a movement that will finally smash the power of the... — Updated 2/21/2019


Health care, other income issues combine to complicate life for retirees

Not long ago, the news site ProPublica published an important story about employers who, in their quest for a younger and cheaper w... — Updated 2/1/2019


FDA tries yet again to regulate tobacco products

The Food and Drug Administration just announced it would once again try to regulate tobacco products. This time the target of the... — Updated 12/6/2018


Both costs and coverage matter when choosing insurance

It’s open enrollment time for medical insurance, and for people having to shop in the individual insurance market, the choices... — Updated 11/24/2018


Choosing Medicare drug coverage can be tricky

Karen R., a 70-year-old Medicare beneficiary living in a midsize town in Indiana, contacted me recently about her Part D drug... — Updated 11/5/2018


Look beyond premium costs when choosing a Medicare plan

Making decisions about Medicare coverage has never been easy. Over the years the task has become more complicated as congress has m... — Updated 10/22/2018


ER treatment can lead to surprise medical bills

Having good insurance doesn’t always mean that a patient won’t be caught with a huge surprise medical bill they didn’t... — Updated 10/8/2018


Choosing health insurance in a confusing marketplace

Anyone buying health insurance this fall faces a daunting task: having to choose among multiple, often-complex options that offer... — Updated 9/8/2018


Headlines about medical studies may be more enthusiastic than accurate

“Lowering Your Blood Pressure Could Stave Off Dementia,” heralded the headline from Bloomberg, which was not alone in... — Updated 8/23/2018


Resurrecting old insurance model is no sure cure

A new health insurance option awaits consumers this fall. Proponents have said it will offer lower premiums and relief from... — Updated 7/20/2018


Changes in tax law aren't helping Medicare

Is Medicare going broke? That scary thought raced through the media a few weeks ago when the program’s trustees issued their... — Updated 7/9/2018


Administration's plan for drug pricing keeps status quo

The headline in the Wall Street Journal seemed to sum up the president’s plans for dealing with America’s high drug prices.... — Updated 6/2/2018


Don’t rely on pharmacies to catch drug interactions

Rural Health News Service When you fill a prescription at your local pharmacy, you assume the medicine you receive is safe and won... — Updated 2/25/2017


Hospitals are penalized for harming patients

Rural Health News Service Anyone facing a hospital stay for themselves or a family member should look at new data the government re... — Updated 1/28/2017


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