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The placement of our flag matters

Shamefully displayed on the front page of the current issue of The Village News, over the words ‘Veteran’s Day’, is old glory, the red, white and blue, stars & bars, stars & stripes, star spangled banner, the American... — Updated 11/15/2023 Full story


Stevie Wonders: 'Get off my lawn!'

Steven Schindler Special to the Village News I don’t have a lawn, but I think most people understand what “Get off my lawn!” infers. Sometimes you just have to let off some steam when you observe children, or people of any ag... — Updated 11/8/2023 Full story


Reining in theft

Assemblymember Marie Waldron 75th District California department stores have been raided by people walking out with thousands of dollars in stolen goods. Los Angeles County, the Central Valley and the Bay Area have been the most... — Updated 11/8/2023 Full story


Safeguarding our communities in the face of wildfires

Supervisor Jim Desmond Fifth District In recent weeks, we’ve reveled in the tranquil weather and witnessed the advent of the Santa Ana winds, signaling a heightened risk of wildfires. While a few blazes have ignited, our gratitud... — Updated 11/8/2023 Full story


Open letter to Jim Desmond regarding Bonsall Community Park

I’m in receipt of Mark Kieser’s email of 10/25/23 wherein he discussed how he arrived at his conclusion that Bonsall should have a highly active park, Plan A. His email referenced that he received input from Vista, Fallbrook,... — Updated 11/8/2023 Full story


Retired teachers spur economic benefits while also donating time

What do retired teachers mean to Fallbrook? A lot. After years, sometimes decades, in the classroom giving back to their students, retired teachers continue to give back to local communities through their pocketbooks and their... — Updated 11/1/2023 Full story


Proposed Socialization of Electrical Power in California

County Supervisor Jim Desmond reported some good news and some bad news items in his State of the County message. One bad news item as reported in the Village News was, “SDG&E is starting a fixed rate bill in January 2025 when... — Updated 11/1/2023 Full story


The good, the bad and the ugly

Assemblymember Marie Waldron Special to Valley News The California Legislature adjourned Thursday, Sept. 14, and the governor had until Saturday, Oct. 14, to sign or veto all legislation. Of the 2,668 bills introduced, 1,046 made... — Updated 11/1/2023 Full story


Re: 'High crimes and misdemeanors' [Maynard letter, Village News, 10/12/23]

Mr. Maynard presents another one of his elaborate yarns and claims he has “irrefutable evidence” of President Joe Biden’s “high crimes and misdemeanors.” How many times have I explained to him that allegations are not... — Updated 11/1/2023 Full story


Kicking It

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal Special to The Village News Isn’t it a given that if you put your head on a pillow, sleep will follow? Yet, ever since my television was banned from the bedroom years ago, slumber comes at a price. It... — Updated 11/1/2023 Full story


The world needs Donald J. Trump

Not only does America need President Trump, but the whole world does. He understands "we the people." Seventy-four million plus citizens elected him in 2016 because his message was simple, to the point and forceful. Many of us... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


An Alarming Revelation: DNA Plasmid Contamination in Pfizer COVID Vaccines

Julie Reeder Publisher In a startling revelation that has sent shockwaves through the medical and scientific community, Health Canada recently confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines. This... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


Supporting female entrepreneurs

Assemblymember Marie Waldron 75th District The bipartisan California Legislative Women’s Caucus (LWC) was formed in 1985 by nine Democrats and six Republicans. Today, 50 of the Legislature’s 120 members are women – the... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


Get involved in local government

Supervisor Jim Desmond 5th District Have you ever wanted to get more involved in local government and make a positive impact on your community? Well, here's your chance! The County of San Diego is actively seeking dedicated... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


Watch your D's and R's

Which party started the “vote as a block or else you’re out” tactic? I don’t know, but I do know the “d’s” have been practicing this for a long time. What many Democrat citizens believe and how Democrat politicians... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


Looking for FUHS alumni from '74

It is possible that some of the people we are searching for refuse to believe they will be having a 50th high school reunion any time soon. FUHS Class of 1974 – believe it! We have a date lined up in August 2024 and we hope that... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


Beware of Biden's border interlopers

Like swarming locusts drawn to an Iowa cornfield on a scorching midsummer's day, Biden's border interlopers come in droves unabated by our immigration laws. They seek the bountiful inducements promised to them: housing stipends, fo... — Updated 10/25/2023 Full story


Re: 'How to take the schools back' [Village News, Forrest letter, 10/12/23]

Ms. Forrest, the fact that you have to ask what’s wrong with the schools, tells me you are part of the problem. That, and the smarter-than-thou attitude. I didn’t include my background because I wasn’t sure I’d get a... — Updated 10/23/2023 Full story


Kicking It – Surviving a twin tsunami

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal Special to The Village News A few weeks ago, my granddaughter Autumn flew down from the Sacramento area with her under-2 year old twin boys. It turned out to be a whirlwind visit. Naturally, she was... — Updated 10/18/2023 Full story


Getting the word out about drug abuse

Assemblymember Marie Waldron 75th District Red Ribbon Week – Oct. 23 to 31 – delivers a strong anti-drug message to school children nationwide. I strongly support this annual program, and again this year my office is... — Updated 10/18/2023 Full story


Re: 'The right to question policies' [Village News, Jones letter, 10/5/23]

Lindsay tries to make the case that she’s open minded and capable of making reasonable decisions – then demolishes her case, thusly. She says: “it made zero sense for me to take the [Covid-19] vaccine.” Apparently she gave... — Updated 10/18/2023 Full story


The latest at SANDAG

Supervisor Jim Desmond 5th District Let's start with some great news! Thanks to the unwavering efforts of SANDAG Board members, led by San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones, we have successfully eliminated the mileage tax from the... — Updated 10/18/2023 Full story


More on the plans for Bonsall Community Park

I sent the following letter to Supervisor Jim Desmond: I’m reaching out to you again today regarding the following information posted online by the Bonsall Community Sponsor Group, which is dedicated to enhancing and preserving... — Updated 10/18/2023 Full story


Taking time to recognize all the blessings in our community

Julie Reeder Publisher I went to REINS Country Hoedown Saturday night. What a great event for a great cause, helping our special needs residents. While I enjoyed this event, Lucette went to another important event, the Hope Clinic... — Updated 10/18/2023 Full story


High crimes and misdemeanors

When Putin's armored brigades first rolled into the Donbas Region of eastern Ukraine in February 2022, most Americans believed supporting the Ukrainians was a noble cause. That was before we learned about Biden's behind-the-scenes... — Updated 10/12/2023 Full story


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