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  • Theatre Talk on an island and around San Diego

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Jun 24, 2021

    Expectations are always high when attending a performance at Vista's renowned outdoor venue the Moonlight Amphitheatre. Under the stars on a pleasant opening night, the maskless crowd enthusiastically welcomed the first production of its 40th season, "Once on this Island, The Musical." First produced in 1990, originally a 90-minute-one-act play, "Once on this Island, The Musical" opened off-Broadway and ran for 60 performances. Over the years other performances followed...

  • Kicking It while caring for my mouth

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Jun 16, 2021

    A couple of things I notice when meeting someone is their eyes and their smile. Those two features pretty much dictate how a person is feeling. Quoted in Matthew 6:22-24: “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” Centuries later, William Shakespeare wrote, “To thee I do commend my watchful soul, ere I let fall the window of mine eyes,” in Richard III. This century we just say, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Th...

  • Theatre Talk: From Dr. Ruth to Disney stories

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Jun 9, 2021

    North Coast Repertory launched its production of “Becoming Dr. Ruth” June 9. This touching and humorous play is a retelling of how she became known in America. Contact for a viewing link. Opening June 12 at the Carlsbad Flower Fields is “Beehive, a 60’s Musical” featuring an all-female cast of some of our best local singers. Show dates and times vary; visit or call the box office at 760-433-3245. Dress appropriately and bring a cushion for...

  • Kicking It on Memory Lane

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Jun 2, 2021

    After a year of Covid isolation, I am in complete agreement with Michael Douglas who admits in his recent interview in AARP magazine that he now suffers from short-term memory loss due to his past year’s pandemic isolation. Well, me, too! As I see it, the consequence of my short-term memory loss is why my long-term memory has kicked in. I know because I keep recalling things from a long time ago that I never have before now. For instance, every time I zip up my jeans, I r...

  • Moonlight Amphitheater

    Theatre Talk – A summer full of choices

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Jun 2, 2021

    La Jolla Playhouse recently announced a free viewing on their website. "Pick Me Last" is an outreach to #StopAsianHatingCampaign. Visit for details. As of press time, no end date has been set. North Coast Repertory announces the upcoming streaming of "Becoming Dr. Ruth," premiering June 9 and streaming through July 14. Tovah Feldshuh, the six-time Tony nominee, "deftly inhabits the warm, wise, and witty persona of the beloved media fi...

  • Kicking It with high school football players

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated May 19, 2021

    Looking back, some of my happiest years were living on a farm just six miles west of town. Every day during the school year, a yellow county bus stopped at the end of my gravel drive. Weather be damned, especially during Kansas winters, each round trip became a bodacious endurance test of self-preservation. Monday through Friday, the bus rumbled to a halt just inches in front of me. As the accordion doors screeched open and the tires skidded to a rolling stop, passengers had t...

  • Theatre Talk

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated May 12, 2021

    San Diego Repertory is offering “pay what you can” pricing for the 28th Annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival from May 16 to June 23. Head to to enjoy 15 different venues. May 16 finds Hershey Felder in the kitchen. Enjoy his live performance from Florence while learning how to make a Russian meal at a special package price while he performs Rachmaninoff. Visit for more details. Coming May 14 at the Fallbrook Mission Theate...

  • Jake Broder

    Theatre Talk: Conversing with Einstein

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to the Village News|Updated May 5, 2021

    "Einstein Comes Through" is a new one-act, one-hour play written for North Coast Repertory by Marc Silver and David Ellenstein. A one-man show starring Jake Broder as Hank, the story winds through a convoluted tale about the accidental drowning of Hank's young son Tommy. Laced with hallucinogenic conversations between Hank and Albert Einstein, Hank's dialogue finally concludes when he awakens in the emergency room. The only reason to produce this show must be to provide a...

  • KIcking it on Mother's Day

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated May 5, 2021

    Mother’s Day is May 9 this year. I’ve celebrated 58 of them so far. Who knew, at 18, that being a mother was going to be a job for the rest of my life? Motherhood, when done right, comes at a price. May I say, it ain’t what it’s cracked up to be? Personal sacrifices become de rigor. Because once removed from the nursery the lil darlings start their development as they wind their way toward adulthood. First stepping on your toes followed by stepping on your heart. In my expe...

  • Jake Broder

    Theatre Talk for the month of May

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Apr 28, 2021

    May will not only bring flowers but the reopening of The Moonlight Amphitheatre featuring concerts and movie nights. Opening the lineup is "The Music of Woodstock" on Friday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m. "The Who's Who of the San Diego music scene will celebrate these legends...featuring some of the greatest hits from that time period." May 22 is Disney's "Toy Story" followed on May 23 by "The Magical Music of Disney" a live performance, then back to the movie on May 28 for "Karate Kid...

  • Kicking It on the farm

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Apr 21, 2021

    With Easter just over, I am reminded of spring on the Kansas farm. Each season brought a new job. For instance, springtime meant my folks would buy 500 baby chicks from the feed store. And because there was still snow on the ground, they had to live under a heat lamp in the corner of our kitchen. Weeks later, when the air warmed, we would add inches of fresh straw to the hen house floor. Watering cans were scrubbed and feeding trays were filled in preparation for relocating...

  • Theater Talk

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Apr 14, 2021

    It’s a star-studded performance by the charismatic Chester Gregory. Who? You ask? If talent alone were reason to shine, Gregory’s star would be a supernova. He is not only handsome, and oh, so charming, he radiates sexuality and magnetism. For the past 20 years, Broadway has kept him a secret. First appearing in “Hairspray” followed by “Dreamgirls” then “The Musical: Motown,” and the “Jackie Wilson Story,” Gregory is an undiscovered musical legend. His talent belongs to t...

  • River Village Cinema

    At the movies

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Apr 8, 2021

    Grab the keys, throw the children in the back seat and head for "D'Place." The beloved Bonsall movie theater is open. Finally. A rose by another name is now called "River Village Cinema D'Place" featuring a full refreshment center with hot, buttered popcorn. Save money with each advanced ticket purchase while securing seats for your party during this limited seating environment. The new movie phone line is 760-214-9792 or go online to

  • Kicking It and dressing for yourself

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Apr 7, 2021

    Every woman in America can understand the anxiety that comes with the changing of the seasons. Even though men believe all women have too many clothes, most people know it’s a myth. Women can never have too many clothes. They can have too small closets, most certainly. If women can agree on no other topic, let everyone say a big amen that their clothes closets are too small. Even while designers continue to shrink their sizes to save money, – girls, you know it’s true – wom...

  • Theater Talk about past, present and future shows

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to Village News|Updated Apr 1, 2021

    The much-anticipated reenactment of the life of Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini, 1858-1924, by Hershey Felder closed Sunday, March 21. Acclaimed as the most celebrated writer of opera since Verdi, “Puccini” is an original work developed by Felder in conjunction with TheatreWorks Silicon Valley and Opera San Jose. Filmed near Puccini’s birthplace in Lucca, Italy, Felder was joined by an international cast of renowned opera singers to present excer...

  • Kicking It with fake eyelashes, or not

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Mar 24, 2021

    What do we know about flirting? Well, for sure, women and men have been doing it as far back as the Neanderthals. Let’s consider, if it weren’t for steamy come hither looks, how would a fella have known which gal to snatch by the hair to drag back to his cave? And isn’t that all a fella really needed? One haunting look from a femme fatale? Nothing much has changed over the past few thousand years, except perhaps the hair dragging. I for one, feel confident the first cavew...

  • Theatre Talk – Shakespeare's birthday is coming up

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Mar 24, 2021

    Save these dates. You won’t want to miss any of these streaming releases from the great theatre community in San Diego. From March 22 to April 18, San Diego Repertory invites you to stream Chester Gregory, the star of “Motown,” as he shares many of his favorite tunes. This charismatic performer celebrates many of the beloved songs from the era. Visit for tickets. From March 24 to April 18, North Coast Repertory is streaming “Trying” which tells “th...

  • James Sutorius and Emily Goss

    Theater Talk

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Mar 17, 2021

    Save these dates. North Coast Repertory in Solana Beach is getting back into streaming with its upcoming performance, "Trying," starting March 24 and running through April 18. It is certain to be a gripping, edge-of-your-seat story about the final year of Francis Biddle, the attorney general and chief judge at the Nuremberg trials. "Told with humor, compassion and insight" by director David Ellenstein, it will be a compelling opportunity to enjoy theater at its finest,...

  • Kicking It on vacation

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News

    Vacations. Can there ever be enough good words said about them? Or is it even possible to have too many? My husband thinks so. He believes one must finish one before planning the next. Naturally, we differ on this. After all, isn’t the unspoken, universal promise of 50 years of steady employment that we get to take vacations anytime we want? Don’t we all trust that once retirement finally arrives, we can start taking vacations at will even one after another? Anytime we wan...

  • Kicking it with the the coronavirus vaccine

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Feb 24, 2021

    I had my first injection of the Moderna vaccine, Jan. 22. Naturally, I was anxious wondering what the side effects might be. As it turns out with most worrying – I had fewer complications than I did after my flu shot last spring. The vaccination cycle is still in phase 1A. Therefore, when I finally found an open appointment, I grabbed it. Most locations were booked solid. Out of hundreds of possibilities, there was only this one option at the SuperStation in Chula Vista. If y...

  • Cast of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

    Theater Talk

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Feb 17, 2021

    As recently as Sunday, Feb. 7, renowned pianist Hershey Felder livestreamed from Florence, Italy, his tale about one of Sholem Alecheim's collection of short stories. This production was the story for which the much-acclaimed book by Joseph Stein became the play "Fiddler on the Roof" in 1964 followed by the Oscar winning film in 1971. The play's title was pulled from one of Alecheim's short stories about a traveling fiddler going from town-to-town charming local maids with...

  • Kicking It for Valentine's Day

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to The Village News|Updated Feb 10, 2021

    In the past, Valentine’s Day has always been celebrated with a funny card and a bottle of champagne. However, this year it’s game on. Even though we are cloistered 24 hours a day, apparently, it is still possible to miscommunicate. Here is what happened. My husband usually takes the casual stroll to the mailbox for our daily delivery. Ostensibly, one day I beat him to it and retrieved, along with the weekly grocery store ads, a Valentine’s Day sales flyer from Victo...

  • Kicking It with a tidy man

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to Village News|Updated Jan 27, 2021

    I am married to a tidy man. Some would define that as an oxymoron. Clearly those who remained divorced and single for decades had reason to. I for one, had a list. With each passing year – the list got longer. And longer. And longer. Thinking there would never even be one candidate capable of checking off the top 10, I planned to live a solitary life. Looking back, this list of requirements for a life mate somehow just seems practical. I do not recall everything on that o...

  • Upcoming theater shows are available online

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to Village News|Updated Jan 27, 2021

    A world premiere is just around the corner. Coming Sunday, Feb. 7, at 5 p.m., Hershey Felder is heading up a musical tribute to "Fiddler on the Roof." "Before Fiddler – Live from Florence, Italy" will be streamed into living rooms. Featuring the internationally renowned quartet Klezmerata Fiorentina, recognized as the living voice of the European Yiddish civilization, the musical quality of this experience could be life changing. Selected for their ability from operatic and s...

  • Kicking It in a review of 2020

    Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Special to Village News|Updated Jan 14, 2021

    My household made lots of personal adjustments during the last year when we were ordered to stay-at-home. Some situations turned out better than others. For instance, one good thing that happened is we have learned to give each other haircuts. But that adjustment did not happen without incident. Our big row came when my husband wanted a Flowbee, and I did not wish to get my haircut sitting next to the Hoover. After much discussion, we settled the dispute by letting him purchas...

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