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Articles from the May 30, 2019 edition

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  • GEAR UP students visit UCLA

    Updated Jun 6, 2019

    FALLBROOK – The Palomar College GEAR UP Partnership Program held their spring college tour at University of California Los Angeles, April 16. The collaborative event was with Fallbrook and Valley Center High School. Close to 25 students attended with two parents and several staff. The all day visit included a tour of the campus, informational session on admissions resources and student activities. The GEAR UP program partnered with The Hermanos Unidos Student Organization o...

  • Our Garden Gate

    Roger Boddaert, Special to Village News|Updated Jun 6, 2019

    Welcome again to my world of trees, plants, environment and stewardship for the flora of the earth. Today's glorious find is the white flowering Chionanthus retusus, the Chinese fringe tree which is native to China, Japan and Korea. In the genus name, "chino" means snow, and "anthus" means snow-white flowers. The tree is classified into the Ooleaceae, or the olive family, and is a wonderful tree for gardens throughout Southern California The blossoms begin in May and June,...

  • Youth Fair shows off livestock

    Updated Jun 4, 2019

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  • Independent study concludes 'No 'Flushable' Wipes on the Market are Safe for Sewers'

    Updated Jun 4, 2019

    FALLBROOK – According to a recent Canadian study of over 100 "flushable" wipes, no wipes advertised as "flushable" are safe for sewer lines. Evidence has made headlines for years with photos of massive mangled wipes weighing over a thousand pounds clogging municipal sewer lines. Often, however, those wipes don't make it that far. Instead, they're hung up in homeowners' sewer lines. A local plumber said that these wipes have also been a major cause of toilet clogs. "The homeown...

  • MEGA Summer aims to mobilize Californians in energy savings program

    Updated Jun 4, 2019

    SAN FRANCISCO – OhmConnect, a leading clean energy company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has announced the start of their second annual MEGA Summer program. With California’s increasingly hot summers and people’s corresponding energy use projected to hit new record levels, OhmConnect is kicking off the seasonally popular energy-savings program for the second year. MEGA Summer enables Californians to better manage their home energy use and to help the state manage the increasingly dangerous summer heat and catas...

  • How weed abatement process works

    Updated Jun 4, 2019

    Fire Chief Stephen Abbott North County Fire As North County Fire receives many questions about how the weed abatement process works, the department is providing a synopsis. By now the annual abatement notices should have been mailed to all properties within the district, and this year the deadline for mowing weeds, removing accumulated trimmings and brush piles and trimming or removing dead trees within 100 feet of structures is June 15. Shortly thereafter, the fire...

  • Quick and easy dinner served on a bun

    Updated Jun 3, 2019

    FALLBROOK – Busy families often find it hard to serve fresh and quickly prepared meals. But before pulling up to the nearest drive-through window, family chefs should know that many home-cooked meals can be whipped up in a pinch. During barbecue season, burgers are often a go-to meal for their convenience and portability. But another bun- and beef-based option is readily available and it could stir up nostalgia for comforting family meals of years past. It's hard to beat t...

  • Encore Club treasures new and old members

    Updated Jun 3, 2019

    FALLBROOK – This month, Fallbrook Encore Club members welcomed an unusually large group of ladies at a luncheon held in their honor. They were "Flying Up" from Newcomers Club to join Encore Club, a sister organization. The luncheon was held at the Fallbrook Woman's Club historic property. The event proved to be an animated and happy mix of those newly "flying up" or graduating to Encore Club and those who have enjoyed Encore Club for many years. The warmth and charm of the old...

  • Healthy Habits for Bonsall & Fallbrook Folks

    Megan Johnson McCullough, Special to Village News|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    Before different surgeries and medical procedures, it is common to be administered general anesthesia. This medicine basically puts patients to sleep so that all feeling is gone so that they will not feel pain. The brain is prevented from processing pain, and post-surgery they won't even remember what happened. This phenomena is because the nerve signals to their brain and body have been interrupted by the general anesthesia. Therefore, patients are not supposed to eat or...

  • Supervisors authorize purchase of additional ZOLL cardiac equipment for SDCRFA

    Joe Naiman, Village News Correspondent|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    The San Diego County Regional Fire Authority will be acquiring additional ZOLL Medical Corporation cardiac monitors and accessories. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors members are also the board members of the county fire authority, and the county supervisors voted 5-0, May 21, to authorize the director of the county’s Department of Purchasing and Contracting to enter into negotiations with ZOLL Medical Corporation for the procurement of ZOLL equipment and to award a contract upon determination of a fair and reasonable...

  • Relaxing – A skill everyone needs to learn

    American Counseling Association|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    People live in a world that produces lots of stress. While stress can sometimes help motivate them to focus and act, a lot of stressful things are not productive and harmful. Stress might help motivate someone to meet that new project’s deadline at work, but the anger a traffic jam causes them really has no benefit. No one can avoid all of life’s stress-causing events and people, but learning how to relax can keep that stress from causing them harm. Uncontrolled stress can make them react poorly or angrily, and prolonged stre...

  • Meal program endowment established for San Diego's Ronald McDonald House

    Updated Jun 3, 2019

    SAN DIEGO – Providing San Diego residents with the opportunity to double their impact, the Joseph Clayes III Charitable Trust is establishing a $500,000 matching gift and endowment to fuel Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego’s “More Than A Meal” campaign to transform its kitchens and dining room in order to better serve the families of hospitalized children. Community donations to the “More Than A Meal” campaign will fund a full renovation of the current kitchens and dining room at San Diego’s Ronald McDonald Hous...

  • Fallbrook Wellness Spa to sponsor Vitality Days

    Updated Jun 3, 2019

    FALLBROOK – Fallbrook Wellness Spa will be hosting Vitality Days Friday, June 14, powered by Straight Nutrition. “We believe that vitality is created by nutrients, not drugs.” Debi Foli, owner of Straight Nutrition, said. “Professional quality nutritional health services start with our basic ‘Perfect Eating Day’ nutritional consultation which we are offering at the highly discounted rate.” Foli said it will be $95 instead of $150 at Vitality Days at Fallbrook Wellness Spa. With over 20 years in business and a highly educat...

  • Mouse tests positive for hantavirus

    Gig Conaughton, County of San Diego Communications Office|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    A deer mouse trapped in routine monitoring in the Fallbrook area has tested positive for the potentially deadly hantavirus, prompting San Diego County officials to remind people to never sweep or vacuum up after rodents if they find them in homes, garages, sheds or cabins. County environmental health officials said hantavirus is not uncommon in San Diego, but people are unlikely to be exposed to it if they keep wild rodents out of their living spaces. However, especially with...

  • Real Estate Round-up: Millennials are buyers

    Kim Murphy, Special to Village News|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    Yes, we have a housing shortage. Are you tired of hearing me say that, again and again? I am. But sadly, it is true. On the horizon, we have a massive group of buyers that are finally coming of age, who will want to buy their first home, but will this be possible? Let’s start with a little background. There are approximately 37.9 million people between the ages of 35 and 44. There are approximately 41.1 million people between the ages of 25 and 34. These two groups form the mi...

  • Supervisors authorize Aviation Road sidewalk contract

    Joe Naiman, Village News Correspondent|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    The San Diego County Board of Supervisors authorized a contract for sidewalks along Aviation Road. The supervisors’ 5-0 vote, May 22, approved the advertisement for bid and subsequent award of a contract to provide sidewalks on the north side of Aviation Road between South Wisconsin Avenue and South Mission Road. The project will also include curbs, pedestrian ramps and gutters. The supervisors’ action also budgeted $125,000 of Community Development Block Grant funding for the project and found the sidewalk improvements to...

  • Do I have to sell my home in order to buy?

    Updated Jun 3, 2019

    ESCONDIDO – With such wonderful real estate prices and interest rates still right now, lots of homeowners want to make a transition – to a bigger home, to a retirement home or to a different neighborhood among other things. Many buyers are wondering if they have to sell their existing home in order to buy another. One Southern California homeowner asks, “I have a $250,000 mortgage balance and I want to purchase a new home. Do I have to sell my current property to qualify for real estate loan?” That is a great questio...

  • Pop Warner registration now open

    Updated Jun 3, 2019

    FALLBROOK – Fallbrook Pop Warner is the local youth football and cheer program for Fallbrook youth and registration for the 2019 season is underway. This season the conference that Fallbrook Pop Warner belongs to, Palomar Conference, has approved removing the weight restrictions for each level of the league. According to league president Rolando Uresti, "This is a great opportunity for kids who couldn't play in prior years due to weight limits. Now, they all get to play." T...

  • League Championship banner arrives at FHS

    Shane Gibson, Photojournalist|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    The Fallbrook High girls varsity soccer team poses with their league championship banner which will be added to the wall of the gym, from left, front row, Audrey Petersen, Nikel Villa, Alida Corona, Hannah Diverde, Karina Bulli, Vanessa Hernandez; middle row, Cassidy Boulanger, Delia Tapia, Adrianna Madrigal, Galilea Medina, Judith Urbina; top row, Coach Sergio Garcia, Ariana Cabrera, Gabby Bulli and Jade Kennedy....

  • Warriors 10th among D-I boys at CIF swim meet

    Joe Naiman, Village News Correspondent|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    Fallbrook High School’s boys swim team placed 10th among Division I schools at the CIF swim meet. “To go 10th place was really an accomplishment,” Fallbrook coach Bill Richardson said. “It was one of the fastest CIFs I have ever seen, so that was really great.” Richardson has been Fallbrook’s boys swim coach since 1996. “I was hoping to go top 10,” he said. Last year the Warriors finished fourth among Division I boys, but six of the Fallbrook participants were 2018 seniors and the Warriors’ position points were also obtaine...

  • Metts, Watson win league championships

    Joe Naiman, Village News Correspondent|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    Fallbrook High School seniors Caiden Metts and Darius Watson won league championships at the Valley League track and field meet May 3 at Valley Center High School. Metts won the long jump at the league meet to take home the league championship, and he was second in the triple jump. Watson was the Valley League's shot put champion and placed second in the discus throw. "We did really well," Fallbrook head coach Marco Arias said of the league meet. Individual championships are determined at the league meet, which also determine...

  • Warrior girls 16th as team at CIF swim meet

    Joe Naiman, Village News Correspondent|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    This year’s CIF swim meet included a 16th-place finish among Division I schools by the Fallbrook High School girls. “I was really pleased with how they did, with mostly ninth and 10th-graders,” Fallbrook coach Sean Redmond said. The meet consisted of swim preliminaries May 2 at Del Norte High School, diving May 3 at Mesa College and swim finals May 4 at Del Norte. Those with the top eight times in each swim preliminaries event advanced to the championship final, while the next eight times earned lanes in the conso...

  • Warrior golfers 4th in league, Hagen sixth at league tournament

    Joe Naiman, Village News Correspondent|Updated Jun 3, 2019

    Fallbrook High School’s boys golf team finished fourth among the six Valley League teams both in the dual meet standings and in the league tournament. “We had a lot of young kids,” Fallbrook coach Steve Jorde said. The Warriors had a 4-6 record in league dual meets which was part of the team’s 4-12 overall record. This year’s varsity consisted of senior Keller Hagen and six sophomores. “I think they’ll be better as the years go on,” Jorde said. Five of those players participated in the league tournament April 30 at the St. M...

  • Outdoor residential landscape burning suspended throughout county

    City News Service|Updated Jun 2, 2019

    SAN DIEGO - Outdoor residential burn permits will be suspended in San Diego and Imperial counties starting tomorrow in an effort to reduce the threat of wildfires amid rising temperatures and dry conditions. Beginning at 8 a.m. Monday, the suspension will prohibit all outdoor burning of landscape debris, such as branches and leaves, according to Cal Fire San Diego. Fire officials cited "the high volume of dead grass and hotter, drier conditions in the region,'' as well as a high number of fires in 2018, as part of what...

  • McStay family murder trial in the hands of the jury

    Jeff Pack, Writer|Updated Jun 2, 2019

    SAN BERNARDINO - A jury of 12 people has begun deliberations to decide whether the State of California proved its case in the capital murder trial of Charles "Chase" Merritt accused of killing a Fallbrook family of four in February of 2010. Lead defense attorney James McGee gave his closing argument and defense attorney Rajan Maline offered rebuttal arguments on Wednesday, May 29, before the floor was turned over to prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez for rebuttal. Her arguments...

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